NO NEED TO FIGHT…may God help us during this election – Fr Chashi

CATHOLIC priest Fr O’Regan Chashi says there is no need for politicians to fight because they come and go.

Fr Chashi said, “there is no political party that will last forever”.

During homily at Twapia Catholic Church in Ndola on Sunday, Fr Chashi said politics of violence should never be allowed.

“Let me come to issues of politicians. We need to respect our political leaders. Politicians come and go. We had political parties that I started hearing when I was young, but we don’t have them today. So these come and go,” he said. “We should be one, and we are one. What just differentiates us is that this one is from UNIP, FDD, PF, UPND and others, but we are one. So there is no need to fight. May the Almighty God help us during this election.”

Fr Chashi urged the members to always pray for the Church leaders for guidance.

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