Dishing out money is pure corruption, says PF member

[By Richard Luo in Petauke]

A PETAUKE district PF member Moses Katongo says dishing out money is pure corruption, which should be condemned at all cost.
Meanwhile, Katongo has advised President Edgar Lungu not to be blinded by the loyalty of some of his ministers to go to extents of adopting them for the August elections as they were unpopular at grassroots level.

In a statement, Katongo condemned the dishing out of money by some politicians and aspirants.

He said the dishing out of money signified how weak someone was.
“In leadership, you don’t dish out money because dishing out money means you have no message to tell. It means according to you, you are a failure

because dishing out money is bribing. You are

preparing the mind of the people to make a

decision where they are not supposed to go with

that decision. That is a major part of corruption. We can call it corruption. We don’t dish out money even if we have money…” Katongo said.
He said this was the time to introduce new leaders by getting out old ones.

Vice-President Inonge Wina was captured distributing K100 notes to people in Solwezi over the weekend.

Other ministers who distribute money are foreign affairs’ Joe Malanji, local government’s Charles Banda, among several other PF officials.

And Katongo said many ministers, especially in Eastern Province, have performed poorly.
He urged President Lungu never to be blinded by dedication and commitment some ministers show in Lusaka yet at grassroots level they have no attachment with the people and are therefore not wanted.
He called on the President to ensure only those who are servants of the people are adopted.
“Let those who are the servants of the people on

the ground be adopted as long they have a good

relationship with the people…” he said.
“A lot of ministers, especially here in Eastern Province have poorly performed. They are not wanted by the people on the grassroots. Let them be reserved, let them not stand for the people,” Katongo said.
He expressed fear that if at all adoptions would not be done in the interest of the people on the

ground, votes for the President would be compromised.
“If we as a party we won’t listen to the voices of

the people on the ground who vote, then we will make a mistake.

If wrong people are adopted, it will affect the votes of the President because alot of people won’t

vote if they hate a person who will be adopted

against their wish,” he warned.
He advised the party to ensure people to be included in its campaigns are popular among the grassroots.
Katongo said most ministers who seem to do well at national level were not active and were not needed by the people.
“Some of these leaders we had had a very bad reputation with the voters…they

are not reliable in the governance of our country,” emphasised Katongo.

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