Lungu’s time as Head of State is up – Kangwa

ZAMBIA is now a country which is being governed not by its Constitution but by few individuals in the PF government, the Socialist Party has observed.

In a statement yesterday, Copperbelt SP spokesperson Joseph Kangwa said it would not be surprising to see President Edgar Lungu on the ballot paper in this year’s general elections.

He said the President and his sycophants seem to be so powerful such that running the country was not about what the Constitution states any more.

“It is now about what the President and the PF think, dream and want. In spite of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu being unqualified to run for the 2021 general elections slated for 12th August, it will not be surprising to see him on the ballot paper, because the present abnormal and chipantepante (amorphous) system in our country is dictated by the PF,” Kangwa said. “This is a system which is not based on the rule of law or pro-people values or morals. In the context of a vicious PF rule plagued by state injustice, discrimination, oppression and exploitation, Mr Lungu seems to be unstoppable from running in the forthcoming polls.”

He said arguing so was not to say the country had no confidence or faith in its judges and the judicial system, who are tasked to formulate their ruling on the issue.

“We understand the situation under which the country is in and the people in government are in. It is possible that the Zambian people have experienced more state interference on judicial processes under the PF regime,” Kangwa said. “This is what happens when you put wrong leaders in government. They always put their interest first before anything else and they begin to impose themselves on their people. Ever since Mr Lungu became our Republican President, government decisions are rarely made using the law and common interest of all Zambians.”

Kangwa said the Socialist Party on the Copperbelt was reminding President Lungu that his time as Head of State is up.

He advised President Lungu to leave office and stop imposing himself on the citizenry.

“If he cannot find a suitable replacement in the ranks of the PF, as many of the Zambian people believe, there is no harm in endorsing our incoming president Dr Fred M’membe. The people have the power,” said Kangwa.

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