There’s no morality in whatever Wina did in Solwezi – Chisala

VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina should save her name from evil acts of mocking the Zambian people, says Bishop Timothy Chisala.

Bishop Chisala says he feels ashamed that the Vice-President can now sink low to join the corrupt fishing out money in an effort to win votes.

Bishop Chisala, the General Overseer of All Nations Church, said Vice-President Wina should rest herself from desperate attempts.

He said it was extremely unfortunate that throwing out of money is the new normal in the PF administration.

“I never imagined this to happen. Just recently, the vice-president in Parliament denied that there was dishing out of money. But what was she doing in Solwezi? Surely, I did not expect the Vice-President Wina to conduct herself in such a manner. Where is the PF getting the money to be dishing out? This is so serious in a country where people are in abject poverty,” Bishop Chisala complained. “It is absolutely unacceptable for the Vice-President to conduct herself in such a manner. But all this shows how desperate the PF has become. This is the desperation of President Edgar Lungu. It’s obvious that when you see such attempts, just know that time is up.”

He said the PF are creating a society of savages.

Bishop Chisala said the government was making citizens to become beggars.

“This is creating a society of savages because when you look at the manner the people were fighting for the money, it is so sorry. That is creating a society of savages,” he said.

Bishop Chisala said Vice-President Wina had compromised her security and put her life at risk.

“That was so risky. From the videos seen, you can tell that security was in serious panic. Those people could have done something bad to her. This is not the way to win support from the people. The government needs to create jobs for its citizens than making them beggars,” he said.

“There is no morality in whatever the Vice-President did. What moral lesson can one learn, nothing! This is commercialising politics now. The PF should be held accountable to the misery the people are going through. There should be some level of morality even if you want to remain in power. Our Vice-President should leave the stage while we still appreciate her.”

Bishop Chisala said the solution is what is happening is to rest the PF.

“My opinion is that the PF should be rested. That is the solution to reverse this trend. It’s the PF that have started it and to end this is to rest them. This is so reckless. You can’t keep people in poverty so that you make them fight for money. Days are numbered,” said Bishop Chisala.

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