An insight with Prof. Edgar Nyanga on: one day, these monsters will eat the owner

A monster is an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, fiery and frightening (American English Dictionary, 2021). In rephrasing this definition, monsters are actually not born to be so, but they are turned to be so. They are born docile and humble creatures but those who have bad intentions in our community begin to train these animals in the way they wish so that they are made brutal. In his message, John Nickson (2012) elucidates that once the monster is done in humiliating and killing the enemies, it will turn to the relatives, then children, spouse and then the owner.

In the communities we live in, presently, we have seen and heard our leaders breeding fierce monsters from among ourselves. Leaders have decided to brood monsters around themselves and they are busy feeding them on deadline drugs so that they have no fear for anything, knowing that their master has full time powers to protect them. The monsters have no feelings of humanity as they are charged to live wildly. Slowly, the monsters are growing and are now breaking the law without the owner taming them. They are busy championing and chanting the slogans of the leader and as they break the law, they are using the name of the leader who is clapping and charging them amore by giving them power to take control. Surely, the monsters we are breeding and grooming will one day eat us; the owners. We need to silence these monsters before they finish all of us in our communities. If not tamed, these monsters have the ability to derail community development as everyone is afraid of them, much more than the owner.

The main reason for raising these monsters is that they want absolute protection and instill fear and if anything, destroys/kill their perceived/would be enemies so that they have total control of every community member as those given the authority to do so, such as the police have proved not to be that vicious and ruthless coupled with brutality and mercilessness. Those given authority to guard and protect the interest of community members are now becoming powerless and instead are now respecting these monsters and also looking forward to the dictates of the monsters. Law enforcement agents can’t say anything because these monsters sit, dine and wine with the masters on the same table. Everyone is terrified to harm any of these monsters because if do so, they will either lose community membership or be away from their community. People are being brutalised by these monsters and they have nowhere to go for safety or laying their complaints as all protective institutions of the community are paralysed by the monsters. The monsters are actually seen to be in control now and no one can speak anything against them or their masters. The owner keeps clapping for everything that they do. The other community leaders are crying that the owner tames the monsters or probably kill them before it is too late but to no avail.

We may not be in leadership forever to command the monsters to attack our perceived enemies or those divergent views, opposing us. These monsters will one day turn to our bodies and devour us once we are not in leadership or when we try to tame them. Remove and destroy these animals in our communities, they will devour all of us. We ought to be aware that if the monsters are offended by the owner or they are dissatisfied by the decision of the owner, and the feeding is no longer being appreciated, the owner will surely be meat for these animals.

A matchstick can easily be quenched when lit but it will be too late when the whole bush is on fire. The fire will cause heavy damage to the community. We need not to clap and feel protected by these monsters as leaders. Our end may be so bad. It all starts small, like a matchstick. We need to check this and undo it, else we shall be eaten one day. These animals are vicious and armed to the teeth so they can cause deadly injury and damage to our enemies and instill strong fear to community members while they protect us. One day, when they have no one to attack, they will turn their barrels on us, they will turn their anger and hunger on us.

One writer pens down that for warned, is for armed. We have seen many people around our communities telling the owners of these monsters to stop them from doing harm to the community but it seems those that own them are not ready to let go or take control of them. This is a time bomb we are creating in our community. The community might be wiped out soon if we are not careful. Let’s stop these monsters, they will finish all of us, including the owner. He who plays with a gun, dies by it. The sword we are giving these monsters will be turned against us. Yes, we can undo the monsters and live together as brothers and sisters, solving community problems together using our different expertise. Much as we may not agree to each other’s ideology, we have to put our community first.

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