PF not serious in running national affairs – Hamududu

[By Kelvin Siabana in Kasama]

PARTY for National Unity and Progress says the country needs an economic surgery due to the mismanagement of the resources by the current government.

PNUP president Highvie Hamududu said the present government was not serious in running the affairs of the nation because most of the leaders were self-centered.

Hamududu said Zambia was a rich country on paper but in reality the nation was poor because the natural resources in the country were not properly exploited by the government.

He said for Zambia to develop, there was need for serious people with a clear vision for the country and massive and workable developmental plans for the betterment of the citizens.

Hamududu said if the leadership of the present government had a big heart for the people, Zambia would have been a shining example in terms of development.

He said the country had the right resources but only the leadership was failing the people.

Hamududu noted that some economies of some countries in Southern and Eastern African regions, who do not have minerals but entirely depend on agriculture and tourism were performing better than Zambia because of proper economic management.

He said Zambia needed a complete make over so that the people benefit from their own resources unlike the current situation, which makes the citizens as if they were foreigners in their own land.

Hamududu said when PNUP forms government after the August 12 polls, Zambians would be surprised with how the economy of the country would be transformed with home-grown solutions.

“Zambia is a great country which has the majority of water bodies in Southern Africa, which can be used to enhance water transport, agriculture, fish farming and tourism for the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) to skyrocket,” he said.

Hamududu said PNUP had huge plans to change the nation from being a major importer of products from different countries to an exporter to other countries.

He said Zambia had potential to rise economically because it was geographically and centrally located in Africa which makes it easy for investors to invest in the mineral rich country.

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