Zambians want the PF to stay, says Kamba

KENNEDY Kamba has accused NDC national chairperson Fr Richard Luonde of being bitter with the PF.

In his statement recently, Fr Luonde told The Mast that people had already passed their verdict against PF and were just waiting to deliver it on August 12.

He added that people were angry with the PF’s intolerance and corruption, among other things.

“The levels of intolerance are getting worse by the day as we get and draw closer to our general elections. The atmosphere has not been conducive for the opposition, more especially for the biggest party in opposition, the UPND, which has now gone into an alliance with other opposition parties,” said Fr Luonde. “The behaviour of this senseless PF can fool some people sometime but cannot fool all the people all the time. Zambians have realised and approved that on the 12th of August, PF must pack their bags and leave. This is the reality they are failing to accept and instead they want to create confusion by seeking to arrest those who are against their irresponsible style of leadership.”

Responding to Fr Luonde, Kamba, the Lusaka Province PF chairman and a member of the central committee said to the contrary, people wanted PF to remain in power.

“We are usually resistant or reluctant to engage in politics of name calling but we expect Fr Luonde to work on himself first for him to acquire moral authority to talk on behalf of Zambians because it is clear he is speaking from the bitter end of a frustrated man who failed to work as a priest and has been jumping from one party to another,” he said. “He is a definition of confusion because this country doesn’t even know where his loyalty or ideological beliefs are. In fact, the opposite is what is true. Zambians want the PF to stay, they want President Lungu after August elections because he has delivered beyond expectations.”

Kamba said Fr Luonde had been provoking the PF for a long time now.

He said President Lungu and the PF were working extra hard “in these very difficult times the world is going through, to ensure the country is safe and people have enough to eat, better infrastructure and effective social delivery services”.

“It is there for everyone to see what the PF has done to turn around the country for the better. The PF under President Lungu is working round the clock to ensure developmental projects and programmes reach all corners of Zambia,” said Kamba. “We, therefore, find it extremely appalling and highly provocative that Richard Luonde has continued to call the PF and President Edgar Lungu all sorts of names and insults and today he is falsely claiming that Zambians want the PF to pack and leave. The PF is very strong and popular on the ground. This is not out of magic but because President Lungu and the ruling party, the PF, have worked extra hard to win the hearts of Zambians through his pro-poor policies that are being implemented to meet the needs of the people.”

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