Kamba asks UPND members to advocate change of leadership

KENNEDY Kamba has appealed to opposition UPND members to advocate change of leadership in the party.

Kamba, the Lusaka Province PF chairman and member of the central committee, charged that the current leadership is visionless.

He said UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa’s claims that President Edgar Lungu was seeking ways to bar the opposition leader from contesting the presidential election were baseless.

“We expect the innocent members of the UPND, those who truly cherish the power of democracy, to leave the party or advocate change of leadership because it is evident that they are being led by confused, directionless and bitter leaders who know very well that they have already lost the forthcoming general elections to PF and President Edgar Lungu, hence their strange behaviour,” he charged. “We appeal to innocent Zambians that have remained in the UPND to see through the petty, fantasised and frustrated politics being exhibited by their leader Hakainde Hichilema, Cornelius Mweetwa, their spokesperson, and others. In a democratic dispensation like Zambia, where the citizenry is demanding quality leadership at all levels and where the bar for politics has been raised, we cannot afford to have UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his spokesperson putting up weird and unacceptable claims as a way of gaining political mileage.”

He said no one was trying to stop Hichilema from contesting in the August 12 elections.

Kamba further condemned Mweetwa’s accusations of Satanism on the PF.

“Hakainde Hichilema is claiming that the PF government is trying to stop him from contesting elections with all sorts of accusations on innocent people, while Cornelius Mweetwa is busy ranting, with weird and ridiculous claims, first that the PF offered him K6 million to defect from the UPND and now that the PF is using Satanic money,” Kamba said. “All the right-thinking members of the public and all those in the political space know very well that these accusations are nothing but petty and disgraceful kind of politics. Zambians today are able to tell who is more associated with Satanism if indeed the UPND believes in that. Is it not the UPND that started campaigning for gay rights and attempted to push for such evil legislations? The PF has demonstrated its values and love for God and its people by upholding Christian values.”

Kamba claimed that because of the ruling party’s Christian principles, it had embarked on empowering churches.

He said it was an obligation of the government to empower people, hence such empowerment programmes could not be associated with Satanism.

“We are Christians and whatever we do in the PF is aimed at serving God’s people. President Lungu and the PF have put up programmes to empower children of God in this country, even churches are benefiting because that’s what we are commanded and expected to do as leaders,” said Kamba. “The PF has Christian values embedded in its works and Zambians are able to see. What has the UPND done to tell the nation that they are indeed men and women of God? Tribalism, hatred, regionalism, selfishness is their typical character. The question is why are they hallucinating? Why are they so scared that they cannot even answer any innocent questions from the public? They owe Zambians a lot of explanations.”

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