Older women luring young Rufunsa boys into sexual relations worry Men’s netwok

THE Zambia National Men’s Network for Gender and Development says it is saddened with the increasing number of elderly women mostly from Lusaka that have flocked to Kamwesha area in Rufunsa and are having sexual relationships with boys.

National coordinator Nelson Banda said the area had become attractive to elderly women who flock to the area to sell merchandise to illegal gold miners and entice boys in the area into sexual activities.

Banda said Kamwesha community in chieftainess Mumpanshya’s area in Rufunsa district also has a lot of child marriages and teenage pregnancies.

He said the area which lies south east of Rufunsa lacks many social amenities to uplift the lives of people.

“The area has no heath facilities, making it difficult for pregnant mothers and girls to access heath services. The only means of transport used as ambulances to transport pregnant women and girls to the only health facility at Mpanshya Mission Hospital are motor bikes as there is no access roads to the area,” he said.

“The only school in the area is a community school with two unfinished classrooms with no desks that parents have been struggling to finish as the contractor who was assigned to construct the school ran away without finishing the project. The community depends on rain water for their daily needs and during the dry season they have to cross mountains to get water from streams.”

Banda said the Zambia National Men’s Network for Gender and Development was in the area conducting, gender training for traditional leaders to build local capacity to end child marriages.

He said his organisation was disturbed that the quality of life for the people in Kamwesha was compromised due to lack of safe drinking water, health facilities, good roads and schools.

He said the community was appealing to the government, through the area member of parliament Sheila Mulyata, to come in and help the situation.

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