Senior cop distressed at how some govt officials illegally transporting mukula logs from Kasama via Mansa

A SENIOR police officer in Chingola says there is a growing tendency by some government officials to illegally transport mukula logs from Kasama via Mansa, all the way up to Kasumbalesa border point in Chililabombwe.

The police officer spoke to The Mast on condition of anonymity.

“The tendency is growing of illegal mukula [trade] by senior people in this government is growing. These are illegalities, mwebantu (people). But which police officer can act [to stop the illegalities]?” the source said from Chingola on Thursday afternoon.

“Container trucks carrying these logs are always parked at Chililabombwe Police Station, waiting for escort by senior police officers who are given K7,000 each after seeing off these trucks to Nakonde border and China is the last destination.”

The source added: “as I speak to you now, there are about four container trucks loaded with mukula logs at Chililabombwe Police Station.”

“I’m from Chililabombwe right now and I have just reached Chingola now. Those trucks have been at that police station for over five days now. There are actually more which are expected to go and pack there, and fake documents indicating that those mukula logs come from the DRC are prepared by my fellow senior police officers there at Chililabombwe Police Station,” the source said.

“We know what is going on! I mean, we are connected mu (in the) police. I have friends at Chililabombwe Police Station; the same senior officers who are helping with these mukula illegalities. But if this is not robbing the people of Zambia of their God-given mukula, then what is it?”

The source was distressed that “these senior people in this government” are making huge sums of money at the expense of the majority poor citizens.

“Imagine ukwensha ama (driving the) trucks ukufuma ku (from) Kasama and going all the way to Chililabombwe and then drive back ukuya ku (to go to) Nakonde. Nabeshiba ukutila (they know that) there is no loss at all,” the source explained.

“They are making a lot of money. They are going to Chililabombwe so that an ordinary eye loses track of where the trucks are coming from. Some people think those trucks at Chililabombwe Police Station are from the DRC, meanwhile they are from Kasama and they contain mukula logs which are worth millions of dollars. And all that money is for a selected senior people in government. We know that very well!”

The source further exclaimed: “Also look at the little amount our friends are getting for escorting the trucks to Nakonde!”

“What is K7, 000 compared to the risk of escorting looted stuff? Why not $7, 000? Awe sure!” said the source.

“So ifyo nacilafwaya ati wishibe mune (so this is what I wanted you to know, my dear). Ilyashi lya mukula from Kasama (the issue of mukula logs)!”

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