ZAMBIA Sports Fans Association patron Peter Makembo is recovering well from the neck spine surgery he underwent last month.

Makembo, who is still admitted to St John Paul Hospital in Lusaka, is set to be discharged on the 18th of this month after undergoing a review.

However, the time the drumming Pastor has spent in hospital has given him chance to reflect how other Zambians who are not known like him but need similar attention may be suffering.

He says it is not easy for most people to undergo such kind of surgery because they don’t have money or cannot access the needed facilities.

It is for this reason that Makembo is calling on the government to continue building more health facilities and equip them with the needed equipment.

“I am slowly recovering and I want to thank God and the Zambian people all that have been supporting me in prayer and donations. It has not been an easy time for me and my family but through all the help I am recovering,” he says in an interview from his hospital bed. “But while I am still in hospital, it has given me time to reflect. I must be one of the luckiest people in the world to have people coming on board through the help from the media and others. My mind is with those who don’t have that access but need the same help I needed.”

He adds that the country’s biggest health facilities, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) and Levy Mwanawasa are overwhelmed.

He says sometimes these facilities are not fully equipped to undertake certain surgeries.

“I am trying to imagine those in rural areas and need the same surgery like mine but they are bedridden because no one knows and, maybe, there are no enough facilities for them to undergo the surgery in their area,” says Makembo. “I understand that government through the leadership of President Edgar Lungu who was also on hand to come to my aid is constructing hospitals in different parts of the country but I feel there is need to build more modern facilities so that even people in Shangombo can enjoy the same treatment I have been rendered.”

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