Zambia is for everyone, says Kakonde

ZAMBIA is for everyone and not for party cadres or any political party, says Misheck Kakonde.

Kakonde, the former Zambia National Students Union president, said having seen most of the political happenings and also slow mushrooming of political groups that have various names, the Zambian state must be highly concerned with such groupings before things got out of hand.

“Follow me, as I try to explain what breeds political caderism and political violence…In Zambia’s political history it has been noted that political parties pay less attention to restraining their party cadres. Party cadres are everywhere – they are in markets harassing innocent traders be it women or men. They are in bus stations harassing even innocent bus drivers that want to do business,” he noted. “They collect money without authority or legal bases. In fact, they harass even innocent Zambians who use public transportation. Are political parties to blame for this mess of political violence and indiscipline? Yes. No political party in Zambia has enshrined a restraining order against such acts of terror. The parties be it the ruling or the opposition have done less to condemn such violent acts.”

Kakonde said the police equally had a role to prevent such acts of terror.

“I deem them as acts of terror as they have possibility to cause state anarchy. The different political parties should fight such vices among its members, as such uncalled for behaviour affects innocent citizens. Equally the police must be quick to act and fear none, be it a ruling party or opposition party cadre. If found to be causing anarchy must be charged,” he said. “Zambia is for everyone and not for party cadres or any political parties. The founding fathers of Zambia such as Dr Kaunda fought hard to liberate the country and this is not the state they wish to see. Zambia is bigger than a party cadre and my plea is to the Inspector General of Police (Kakoma Kanganja) [to] arrest all political cadres that have weapons such as pangas, before it’s late.”

Kakonde said he deems the acts of the political cadres especially from PF and UPND detestable and if not worked on might lead to internal anarchy in the state.

“The cadres are so dangerous that they have pangas (machetes) which could be used for acts of violence and that’s how terror groups end up forming. I believe the police are equal to the task and can easily prevent such vices. Zambia has enjoyed peace for some time. However, if not guarded we might see terror groups forming, masquerading as party cadres,” he warned.

Kakonde said the police and other security departments must be able to identify such threats to national security and charge the perpetrators.

He said the perpetrators could be found in various bus stations, party structures or markets.

He also said all tribal politicians must be censured and not be allowed to divide the state based on their selfish interests.

Kakonde said police must arrest “anarchistic cadres” whether they are from the the ruling or opposition party.

“The role of the police is to provide law and order. Moreover, if not checked the situation might deteriorate into national anarchy, as most cadres have no morals and regard for law,” said Kakonde.

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