Health sector in ICU due to selfish, corrupt and thieving PF leaders – Akafumba

THE health sector is in Intensive Care Unit all because of selfish, corrupt and thieving leaders in the PF, says NDC interim president Josephs Akafumba.

Commenting on PF member of the Central Committee Anne Nyirenda Tisher, who recently was angered by the non-availability of batteries for a BP machine at the Livingstone University Teaching Hospital, Akafumba said many Zambians have died due to poor governance of the health sector by the PF leaders.

Hospital sources said poor service delivery at the medical institution was de-campaigning the PF.

The sources appealed to Southern Province minister Edify Hamukale or any senior health official from Lusaka to make an unannounced visit to the hospital to learn more about the challenges being faced by medical staff and patients.

“There is high level mismanagement here as well as acute levels of staff victimisation by the administration. Imagine a teaching hospital not having PoP (Plaster of Paris), crepe bandages, x-ray films as well as even batteries for BP machines!” the sources disclosed.

The sources added that the PF had spent a lot of money in the health sector whose gains were being eroded by poor management.

“I wish Hamukale or any senior health official at the headquarters would sneak into the hospital and demand for an x-ray, PoP, or ask what is not available which needs not to be in shortage at hospital.”

When contacted, Tischer confirmed having been to the hospital last week and that she found a BP machine not working due to unavailability of batteries.

“I did get his (hospital director Dr John Kachimba) number but the phone went unanswered, may be he does not know my number. I even wanted to call Dr Jonas Chanda (minister of health),” said Tischer.

But Akafumba said it was not surprising that a high level hospital such as Livingstone, which was supposed to be a referral health institution, could fail to afford double A or triple A finger batteries for a BP machine.

“I hear that the facility even has no PoP or x-ray films, so how can a poor woman from Dambwa, Malota or Simonga areas afford to buy these medical requisites? How many poor women and children have died due to lack of medicines or simple medical procedures such as BP? These are needed to give health workers an informed medical problem their patient is experiencing,” he said.

“I feel for Dr Kachimba because he may be sacrificed for the problems caused by the PF because the entire health sector is in an Intecive Care Unit (ICU) all because of selfish, corrupt and thieving leaders in the ruling party,” Akafumba said.

He added that once voted into office, the UPND Alliance led Hakainde Hichilema shall prioritise the health sector which has very high skilled and trained manpower to perform to expectations of Zambians.

“Our men and women in this sector are demoralised by the PF failure to provide medicines and spare parts for their medical equipment. They are working under very difficult conditions and end up in the firing line of insults by patients who don’t know the actual root cause,” Akafumba said.

He added that Zambian hospitals were now just transit points to mortuaries or ‘isolation’ centres for death.

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