There’s outbreak of lawlessness in Zambia, says Mukuka

THERE is an outbreak of lawlessness at a supersonic speed in our nation, says political researcher Dr Cephas Mukuka.

Dr Mukuka said what happened at the PF Secretariat on Saturday leaves much to be desired.

He said it was not about anything else but about humanity or Ubuntu that he decided to condemn the said actions.

“Where on earth do we have someone beaten like that and later have one’s vehicle smashed in full view of senior party leaders? The case of one Innocent Kalimanshi cannot go unchallenged. Leaving such cases to go under aids nations to be destroyed,” he said. “On the material day we had Kalimanshi, two journalists, and a police officer badly assaulted right in full view of the secretary general of the PF Mr Davies Mwila. Mwila was in the company of several other senior members of the party like the national chairperson Mr Samuel Mukupa.”

Dr Mukuka said under normal circumstances the hooliganism could have been stopped by a simpler word from either Mwila or Mukupa.

He said the fact that the cadres went on flat out with the political animosity sends a bad and negative picture on the entire PF.

“During the days of the late Michael Chilufya Sata then in the opposition, each time he sent a word to drop the guns, surely no one dared to pick up a gun. It is under this regime that police have been beaten right in their yard and it has been business as usual,” he said. “It is under this regime that we have seen videos of party members showing off their monies and equally sending threats to one another without fear. What type of Christian nation are we? We speak Christianity but act wickedly. This is a very serious concern and tantamount to hypocrisy.”

Dr Mukuka said during the tenure of first president Dr Kenneth Kaunda, it was unheard of for uniformed personnel to be victims of political thuggery.

“Where have we gone wrong as a nation? Who is benefiting from these wicked, satanic, devilish, and inhuman acts? It’s a shame to say the least. Surprising enough, there has been no official comment or statement from the PF or any of the known clergy and NGOs who are forever speaking if the opposition are in the wrong,” he said. “What happened on Saturday gives an opportunity to peace loving Zambians of incorruptible characters and behaviour to condemn in the strongest terms such acts. There is an outbreak of lawlessness at a supersonic speed in our nation. My worry and fear is that we are going to the polls in the next few months and with such manifestations as seen from the PF, leaves us with no doubt that the polls may be bloody if precautions are not taken. The indicators are pointing in that direction.”

He said word had it that the police were investigating.

“If really they are investigating, these are going to be the fastest investigations in the history of this nation. The challenge ahead of us as a nation is huge. For now, we are waiting for the police to conclude with their investigations and also for the official comment or statement from the PF on what transpired on that Saturday,” said Dr Mukuka.

“This is not war or political hooliganism but simply a provocation to good governance.”

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