Your works will speak for you and not money, Mambo warns PF

CHIKONDI Foundation president Bishop John Mambo has described the throwing of money to the people by Vice-President Inonge Wina as a mockery.

He says “works will speak for you, not the money that you are distributing to the poor people.”

In an interview, Bishop Mambo said hunger would speak to the conscious of the voters on August 12.

He said the Vice-President’s office should not be lowered to the level of throwing money to the vulnerable people but distribute it in a respective manner.

“It is very sad to see the desperation of the government of the day which goes to an extent of having to mock its own people, ignoring the dignity of Office of the Vice-President. What is circulating on social media of her distributing money reduces that office to a zero,” he said.

“Mrs Wina, she is known to have fought for the rights of the people for a very long time but reducing her position to throwing of money is disrespectful. PF in their manifesto they are preaching that they will bring integrity and sanity but few days after the launch they have already broken their message. It leaves me doubting and wondering on whether they mean well or not.”

He said Vice-President Wina’s exercise was endangering her life, adding that her security was becoming compromised.

“If it was another country, the security detail would not have allowed that. That exercise reduced her vice-presidency position which is a second position in this country. The people who manage her office lowered her,” noted Bishop Mambo. “It is also a mockery to the entire country, Zambia, for the Vice-President to be throwing money on people. Even if people are suffering or they are asking you to give them money, she must find the respective way of sharing her resources. You do not need to kneel down before man to ask for the vote if you have worked for the people. Your works will speak for you not the money that you are distributing to the poor people. And believe you me, if you have worked to the expectation of the people, God will be your witness because your works will speak to the conscious of the voters.”

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