Kambwili between rock, a hard place – Chihana

INTERNATIONAL Fellowship for Christian Churches president Bishop Simon Chihana says he feels for embattled politician Chishimba Kambwili as he is between a rock and a hard place.

In a statement, Chihana, however, said if the outspoken former National Democratic leader had integrity, it would have been better for him to resign from politics for now until his life was sorted out.

He wondered how Kambwili would join PF when he insulted its leadership so much and more so their president Edgar Lungu.

“I really feel for him because he is between a rock and a hard place. How does he join PF when they humiliated his wife and daughter in a manner that riled women and Zambians in general?” he wondered.

Bishop Chihana said he was also at pains to figure out how Kambwili would work with his fellow opposition when he had clearly demonstrated that he could not be trusted.

“How shall the people of Zambia take him from now hereon?” asked Bishop Chihana.

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