PF violence is sickening, says Mwanza

GOVERNANCE activist Isaac Mwanza says the scenes of political violence among the PF supporters at the party headquarters last Saturday was disheartening and sickening to the heart.

Mwanza said the groups that were fighting were a mixture of youths and adults, “some of them like Innocent Kalimanshi were parents”.

He said those PF youths have children who must look up to them as they grow.

Mwanza called upon President Edgar Lungu and the entire PF to get concerned with the behaviour their members exhibited at the party offices.

He said the behaviour and animosity must never be tolerated and allowed to continue.

“If those violent gangs are allowed to continue having such confrontation, either in full view of their leaders or away from their eyes under the guise of being party members, the image of the PF will be destroyed the same manner the image of the MMD was destroyed the years leading to the 2011 general election,” Mwanza said. “In the same vein, I would like to advise the United Party for National Development leadership to avoid opening a command centre for their youths separately from their own party secretariat. Our youths in political parties – both in the main opposition and ruling party are proving to be irresponsible to be left alone without the supervision of responsible adults.”

He said the youths whether educated or not, “are proving to be irresponsible as can be seen by the insults they shower on their leaders and fellow youths in their WhatsApp blogs and on how they have abused social media”.

Mwanza said youths cannot be left on their own to run a command centre.

He called on those responsible for the youth in political party leadership, both from opposition and ruling party, to put their houses in order.

“What is sad is that some of the youths who are trading insults in blogs want to aspire to become leaders in parliament and councils. I implore the parties to avoid adopting youths who cannot show maturity in the manner they behave towards one another and towards adults,” said Mwanza. “The nation cannot afford to have youths in our parliament and councils who are very irresponsible and the only asset which they have to make them leaders is money and other riches.”

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