Petauke residents have their hope in Dora, claims her ‘cholaboy’

[By Richard Luo in Petauke]

LUKA Banda of Petauke Central Constituency says the electorates of the area are not ready to elect a member of parliament who won’t speak for development in the House.

In an interview, Banda, who claims to be a cholaboy of incumbent member of parliament Dora Siliya, said it was impossible for people of Petauke to go for an unproductive leader.

He said people have not seen Siliya taking an active role in politics in the area because she has cholaboys who were doing the ground work for her.

“The response is good as people in Petauke want a member of parliament who will not embarrass them in parliament. They want someone who will continue to bring development to them. So to assure you, Petauke Central is fine and cool politically as we are just waiting for the final whistle to go ahead,” Banda said.

He added that Siliya was on the ground through various developments she had fostered in the constituency.

Banda boasted that in the past, Petauke Central had no good roads, clinics and hospitals were far, water was a challenge but that under Siliya’s leadership, the area now has piped water, tarred roads, schools and clinics built in walkable distances.

“This simply shows that Dora Siliya has brought a lot of development into Petauke…” Banda said.

Banda said if by mistake Siliya was left out on adoption, the people of Petauke would cry because their hope and trust was in her.

He added that the PF central committee officials were clever and could not allow their party to be embarrassed in parliament due to poor representation.

“If she is left out, I will be the first person to complain and people of Petauke will cry because they have hope and trust in Siliya’s leadership. NEC officials are very clever people who can’t allow to adopt someone who will embarrass them in parliament and someone who can’t foster development for Petauke,” he said.

And Banda urged youths never to engage in political violence but campaigning for President Edgar Lungu to win.

“To my fellow youths, refrain from political violence. What we need is to go harder to bring back Edgar to finish these developments, which he started. Let’s go and vote in big numbers and give Edgar Lungu massive votes to complete his term. Petauke is fully geared for him, we are here protecting his votes in Petauke. We don’t want any disturbance in Petauke,” said Banda.

Emmanuel Banda aka Jay Jay is seeking to unseat Siliya.

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