We are too strong to be fought by anybody – PF

THE Patriotic Front in Lusaka Province says it will crash all candidates that will decide to contest as independents after being left out from the ruling party adoptions.

Speaking at the provincial office yesterday, PF member of the central committee Paul Moonga said the party would not tolerate frustration from members not adopted.

He warned that such people were too weak to take on the ruling party.

“What should come first is discipline and unity of purpose, and to have love for each other…The message of the central committee is very clear. To those who want to cheat themselves, who want to go independent, we shall crush them,” warned Moonga. “Don’t cheat yourself that you can now fight PF. We are too big to be fought by anybody. Anywhere in Zambia you want to make yourself an MP, Independent, you shall be crushed by us. Our system is too big, too strong to be fought by an individual. What happened in 2016, we had members of parliament Independent. It won’t happen, not under the watchful eye of ECL (Edgar Chagwa Lungu). I’ll repeat this one. 2016 we had so many Independent members of parliament under PF, that time is gone.”

And provincial chairman Kennedy Kamba said those who had been left out but respected President Lungu should also support the Head of State.

“Let us demonstrate the true mark of leadership. In this case the true mark of leadership is to rally behind those that have been adopted and demonstrate to the party and the nation that indeed your aspirations were selfless,” Kamba said.

He said true leaders that meant well for the PF should not get frustrated and become divisive just because they had not been adopted.

“Your time will come and the party has a lot for you in stock because we have a lot of work to be done and we must stand together as one,” he said.

“We admire those that demonstrate maturity and are willing to work with everyone. Remember that the Patriotic Front is a big family and bigger than all of us.”

Kamba said he was confident that the candidates who had been picked in Lusaka were popular and were picked on merit.

“These candidates were picked on strict principles and values that govern the ruling Patriotic Front; the One Zambia One Nation motto and the pro-poor party values that appeal to the hearts of many Zambians,” he said.

Kamba encouraged those who had not been adopted to work together because there was no winner or loser.

“We did this in the spirit of democracy as a party and we are one big family,” said Kamba.

Meanwhile, it was all smiles for the adopted candidates from the Lusaka constituencies who were handed their adoption certificates.

After other candidates left with adoption certificates and headed for their constituencies in processions, Maria Langa of Chilanga Constituency remained holed up at Lusaka House in fear of an angry mob of PF members from her constituency who were waiting to confiscate her adoption certificate.

The angry members said Langa was not a preferred candidate and that she was never on the ground.

They threatened to shun her campaigns if the decision to adopt her is not rescinded.

Those adopted in Lusaka are: Tasila Lungu-Mwansa (Chawama), Christopher Shakafuswa (Mandevu), Miles Sampa (Matero), and Danny Yenga (Kabwata). Others are Maria Langa (Chilanga), Margaret Mwanakatwe (Lusaka Central), Patrick Samwimbilia (Munali) and Elizabeth Phiri (Kanyama).

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