Lenje chief warns subjects against ‘bewitching’ female teachers

[By Tobias Phiri in Central Province]

CHIEF Chitanda of the Lenje speaking people of Central Province has warned his subjects against using witchcraft to terrorise female teachers deployed in their schools.

The traditional leader was speaking when he opened Mukunkwa Primary School built by Fountain of Life Africa (FOLA).

Several female civil servants in rural areas have complained that residents use witchcraft to have carnal knowledge of them in their sleep.

Some have even abandoned their posts.

The chief however strongly warned his subjects against the practice as it was retrogressive saying they would miss out on development and their children would not attain the much needed education.

“I open this school and I dedicate it in the hands of God through Jesus His Son. But once the school is opened and the government sends teachers here, I don’t want to hear any complaints of Satanism practices,” he charged. “Teachers should not suffer funny illnesses or demonic attacks when they sleep. They should dream about teaching our children not you using them sexually. Should I hear any such reports, I will come to deal with you and I mean what I say.”

Chitanda also advised parents against sending children to do household chores during school time.

“To you parents I say, do not be sending these school children to herd cattle or goats or to prepare fish when they are supposed to be in school. If you do that, I pray that those goats or cows should die because they are making you do more harm than good,” said Chitanda.

Meanwhile, FOLA programmes operations manager Metrina Mumba said her foundation understands the need for children’s education and quality health.

“Education is the one thing that gives our children a springboard to a bright future and it helps them become more creative. It is the understanding of this fact that as FOLA, we are helping with the building of schools where we can,” said Mumba. “Altogether, the cost of this one-by-three classroom block with two offices and rehabilitation of the other old block was about K600,000.”

Earlier, Mumba and her organisation handed over fully furnished one-by-three classroom blocks at Malambanyama Day Secondary School and Chonkuma Primary school and officiated at the ground breaking ceremonies for Mulyembeso Primary School, Kabimba Clinic all being funded by FOLA in the area.

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