200 Kapiri’s Kakwelesa ward residents ditch PF for DP

ABOUT 200 members from the ruling Patriotic Front and UPND in Kapiri Mposhi’s Kakwelesa ward have defected to the opposition Democratic Party.

Both Kakwelesa ward PF chairperson for women’s league Rosemary Muchindu and ward youth chairman Wilson Banda confirmed the development in an interview.

Muchindu explained that the PF structures in Kakwelesa ward opted to defect to the Democratic Party because of the opposition party’s inspiring manifesto.

“Yes, I can confirm that me and 150 members form the PF in Kakwelesa ward have resigned from the PF to join the Democratic Party. As we are talking, I have more than 75 PF members that want to join the Democratic Party. The reason for our resignation is that the DP manifesto is appealing and inspiring to majority Zambians,” said Muchindu. “Additionally, we have noticed that president Harry Kalaba possesses progressive ideas that have the potential to deliver the Zambian economy from the stagnation.”

And Banda said the youths feel letdown by the Patriotic Front.

He said young people in Kakwelesa ward have not benefited fully from the Patriotic Front’s youth empowerment programmes.

Banda also said PF youths in Kakwelesa ward would go flat out to campaign.

And commenting on the development, Central Province DP chairman Stephen Kabwe explained that the party’s leadership had been spreading the right campaign messages at the right time to the people in the region.

“Our campaign messages have been based on the four pillars of our party manifesto. Our party manifesto is based on manufacturing; agriculture; mining and tourism. We have been going round in all the districts and constituencies in Central Province explaining the Democratic Party manifesto,” Kabwe explained. “There are even some UPND members in Kakwelesa ward that have defected and have joined the Democratic Party.”

He also said Kapiri Mposhi was strategically located and had potential to move most youths out of the “unemployment bracket.”

“This district is centrally and strategically located. You are aware that I have worked for ZRA before…and I can tell you that there are about 500 trucks laden with cargo that pass through Kapiri Mposhi district and they are made to pay truck fees. And if you calculate the amount of monies that are generated in this arrangement, you realise that it is quite some substantial amount of money,” Kabwe elaborated. “These are the locally generated revenues that should be channeled towards service delivery; instead of channeling all these financial resources towards workers’ salaries that are manning the Road Development Agency facilities. We can use those financial resources to grade township and feeder roads in our constituency. And as Democratic Party, we are committed to ensuring that these funds are utilised in a transparent and accountable manner.”

He further disclosed that National Democratic Congress party structures in Mkushi district have defected to the Democratic Party.

“So far, the Democratic Party is proving to be the new majority. For your own information, all the National Democratic Congress party structures in Mkushi district have defected to the Democratic Party,” said Kabwe.

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