SP has the most youthful candidates ever – Musumali

SOCIALIST Party first vice-president and general secretary Cosmas Musumali has observed that his organisation has the most youthful candidates in the August 12 elections.

He says this should inspire most youthful voters to vote for the Socialist Party which has given space to them.

“SP has entered the 2021 elections with the most youthful, as well as highest proportion of female candidates of any political party in Zambian history,” Dr Musumali said in a statement. “To understand this development, you have to look at the misery of the masses of our people and the cruelty of the capitalist system that has caused it. It has become clear to the youth of Zambia that the capitalist system has exhausted itself and is now no longer able to play any progressive role for them.”

He highlighted challenges women and the youth face which should spur them to vote for the Socialist Party.

“Women and the youth are most affected and deprived under this system. It is therefore not a coincidence that these two groups in society are at the forefront of a search for genuine, revolutionary change,” Dr Musumali said. “This is the change they seek through their self-organisation in the Socialist Party. SP is their party, their vehicle for political, economic and cultural self-emancipation.”

He reminded young people that they had always been the drivers of change across the world.

Dr Musumali challenged Zambian youths to be part of that change in the coming general election.

“Zambian young people will not be the first to serve as key drivers of a revolutionary process. Young people have been the pillars of transformative change throughout the history of humanity. They have been the energy behind the overthrowing and dismantling of many oppressive and exploitative systems,” said Dr Musumali. “African and Zambian history is therefore being rewritten…Our young people are turning the political tables upside down. They are posing questions that the current political establishment has been dodging, such as: what type of democracy is based on cash handouts from the rich in order to win votes? How representative is a democratic process that excludes young people to offer themselves as candidates in elections due to high cost, discrimination and fear of violence? How viable is a system that turns young people into criminal thugs to attack, harm and kill political opponents? What are the benefits for young people in a system that renders them jobless in millions, denying them access to decent education and quality healthcare?”

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