Zambians want out of this rotten capitalist system, says Aggephrey

ZAMBIANS want to get out of this rotten capitalist system, says Livingstone Socialist Party parliamentary candidate Brill Aggephrey.

He says the SP has managed to field candidates in all of the 20 wards in Livingstone.

In an interview, Aggephrey said people have confidence in the Socialist Party.

“The Socialist Party is looked at as a saviour and Zambians want to get out of this rotten capitalist system,” Aggephrey said. “Before the Socialist Party Zambians did not have a choice because it was like being given a choice to pick a cup of tea between two cups (UPND and PF) and yet they were only provided with one cup (capitalism).”

He said the SP’s 20 ward candidates were given to the party by the local communities in the various residential areas.

Aggephrey said unlike UPND and PF which put money first in the adoption of candidates, the SP relied on the communities to select those who were well known, humble and ready to serve the people.

“We did not look at money, we followed the choices of the communities,” said Aggephrey.

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