Come August 12, PF niku wire – Luonde

NDC national chairperson Richard Luonde says there is no reason people should retain PF into office.

Fr Luonde, in a statement, said going by the poverty levels the ruling party has brought into the country, no sane Zambian should vote for them.

“PF is no longer a party of stewards as initiated by Michael Sata. PF is a self-made party; it has turned into a demonic party which has no heart for any Zambian. All PF members are interested in is to enrich themselves,” he says. “Now the gates of love have opened up as signaled by the filing in of our presidential candidate Mr Hakainde Hichilema. And we have a brilliant running mate in Mutale Nalumango. What Zambians witnessed on Wednesday is a clear indicator that come 12th August, ba PF niku wire.”

He said the coming elections are a time for Zambians to reposes their country from the “hands of criminals masquerading as leaders”.

Fr Luonde highlighted other social challenges people have been going through due to poor leadership.

“We can’t continue to struggle in the manner we have struggled the last seven years. We now want to hand Zambia back into our hands as Zambians, not in the hands of those of us who are in the alliance. Let Zambia return to Zambians on 12th August,” he said. “Our children want to go to school. We need medicines in the hospitals, we need proper roads, we need proper water and sanitation systems in our homes. Floods have been an annual event, but what has PF done about them? PF has turned floods into a campaign tool and a stealing machine. This is the time for Zambia to be redeemed.”

Fr Luonde said whatever manoeuvres PF would make it will not help, “they just have to go”.

“And once ba PF lose these elections they should silently pack their bags and go wherever they came from. Their time to leave has come. Indicators are showing that Zambia will now be liberated the third time,” said Fr Luonde. “PF don’t have any support because of how they carried and treated Zambians in the last seven years. And people would not want to put up with this misery under PF again.”

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