I believe in my country and its people – Dr Munanga

I BELIEVE in my country and its people, says Shiwang’andu UPND parliamentary candidate Albert Munanga.

A native of Shiwang’andu district, Munanga is holder of a Doctor of Philosophy in behavioural medicine and a ZICA graduate.

Having obtained his foundational education from

Mwenge Primary school in the then Chinsali district (now Shiwangandu), Dr Munanga went to Kenneth Kaunda Secondary School where he studied for the next five years.

He later moved to the United States where he lived and worked before coming back to join the political arena.

Currently, Dr Munanga serves as regional director of health and wellness, and as affiliate faculty at the University of Washington in Seattle.

He is also an author of a book ‘New rules of engagement, infection control and prevention in group settings’ which is available for sale on Amazon.

“I am stepping into politics or stewardship because I believe in our country and in our people. My identify as a Zambian will forever be tied to how our country performs,” he tells The Mast in an interview. “… I am filled with hope of a bright and better Zambia through the collective hard work of all our ladies and gentlemen. I particularly choose this moment because I believe in the unique set of skills and background Hakainde’s [Hichilema] leadership will bring to the table. I can boldly state that as a country, we have never had a president who is more prepared than HH at such a time as this.”

Dr Munanga outlined what he has seen in his party leader Hakainde Hichilema as qualities that the nation can benefit from if he is elected republican president.

“HH brings sound economic and accounting judgement from his amazing professional background. He brings his business executive experience needed to govern and last but not least, his love of farming and country makes him a friend of all those who till the land,” Dr Munanga said. “We just have never had this good in a candidate and so I am filled with hope; he has drawn me into this thing.”

Asked if Shiwang’andu residents have been adequately represented since 2011, Dr Munanga respectfully responds: “I sincerely want to thank my brother hon Stephen Kampyongo for his service to our people in the constituency and beyond. Whether he represented the people well or not will be decided by the voters who will not only vote but also defend their votes in ways we have never seen before. So, please, let this question be answered, come August 12.”

According to him, he looks “forward to a peaceful, transparent and fair election which has often been a questionable endeavour in years past”.

Dr Munanga calls for vigilance among Zambians to defend their votes from possible manipulation.

“All Zambians must somehow remain vigilant, ensure we preserve the decency of our nation by any means necessary. Those that will act against the precepts and tenants of our democracy should face the fury of the law,” said Dr Munanga. “No Zambian should accept questionable manoeuvres that have marred past elections and not this time. I welcome any volunteers in my constituency to reach out and register to join our movement and help defend the sacredness of our democracy.”

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