I’m not a thug, won’t apologise – Kamba

LUSAKA Province PF chairman Kennedy Kamba says he is not a thug for him to threaten State Counsel John Sangwa’s life.

On Saturday, Kamba called on all PF members to treat Sangwa as a political opponent after the latter was retained by the Legal Resources Foundation as its lawyer in challenging President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility in the Constitutional Court.

He further called on PF members in the province to turn up in numbers and give President Lungu solidarity when he appears before the Constitutional Court for the same matter.

“What he is trying to do is politicise the matter when it has already been dealt with by the Constitutional Court. Therefore, we will no longer entertain this nonsense by John Sangwa. All our party structures in Lusaka should come in numbers at the court premises when the matter comes up in court and support our leader, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu,” said Kamba. “Our members should come for the hearing whenever the court sets the date. We know very well that people like John Sangwa who claims to be a renowned lawyer and a few individuals have formed a cartel to try by whatever means possible to drag President Lungu in the mud and try to paint him black in the eyes of Zambians when the Constitution was clear that he was eligible to stand.”

His message has received a backlash from the public, including Bishop Simon Chihana who described Kamba’s words as dictatorship.

“[Kamba’s utterances] are words of dictatorship, they are words of darkness, they are words of destruction, these are not words of leadership. Those who must fight back at John Sangwa, let them fight back intellectually and not using bullying manners because that won’t help build the nation in good governance nor in national development,” said Bishop Chihana. “Cain in the Bible failed to demonstrate his own good stand with God so he decided to murder his brother Abel. In this vein, as a Church leader, we are calling upon the security of the nation to cover Mr John Sangwa in his legal pursuits. The police and other security wings must avail their services for Mr Sangwa 24/7… It is in this vein that I want to advise him that he can possibly withdraw those remarks or explain what he really meant further other than what people are now deducing and those that always think of violence in line with roughing up Mr John Sangwa. I have seen what has come through on social media and some of the groups…these are not good words that Kennedy has brought out. Kennedy is a zealous young man full of energy and I believe he has a future politically but in being a leader you need to be accommodating, tolerant and be able to find a way to those who may be even against you.”

Responding to Bishop Chihana and other concerned citizens, Kamba maintained that he would not apologies.

“I am not violent. I am not a thug but a provincial leader of a reputable organisation, the ruling PF party in Lusaka. I have no propensity to threaten the life of someone. I am not above the law and neither is Sangwa or anybody above the law,” he said in a statement yesterday. “What I know, however, is that I have fundamental rights and freedoms like any other Zambian to express my political opinion. I will not apologise to anyone, not even [to] Sangwa because I never threatened the life of anybody.”

Kamba said he never threatened Sangwa’s life in his statement.

“The statement I issued on Saturday last week was comprehensive and I gave clear-cut reasons why Sangwa will be treated as a political opponent by the PF,” Kamba added. “As usual, Sangwa himself and some excited opposition leaders including the opposition inclined clergy and some media organisations have misinterpreted the statement; deliberately so, to portray a bad picture on my character that I threatened Sangwa’s life. You can play back the footages of the media that covered the event and also refer to the statement I issued on Saturday May 22, 2021 and see if there is anywhere I threatened Sangwa’s life. At no time did I ever threaten anybody’s life.”

He said public reactions to his statement “are highly malicious and meant to tarnish my image in the eyes of the right-thinking Zambians.”

Kamba said Bishop Chihana’s condemnation was misplaced.

“Unless somebody can convince the nation and indeed myself that treating someone as a political opponent in a democratic dispensation like Zambia means threatening someone’s life or violence. Far from it!” said Kamba. “The simple illustration and meaning of my statement was that Sangwa’s behaviour and his continued futile attempts to block President Edgar Lungu from contesting the August elections, is typically of that of a frustrated opposition politician and as the PF we are going to take him on as a political opponent… It’s clear that Bishop Chihana is reacting to what he does not understand because I never threatened Sangwa’s life. I am very disappointed with the Bishop and I demand an apology from Bishop Chihana and all those on record that have continued claiming what did not come out of my mouth.”

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