Court orders Lusambo to pay photographer K2,000 plus interest

THE LUSAKA Magistrates’ Court has ordered former Lusaka Province minister Bowman Lusambo to pay a photographer K2,000 for the photography services rendered to him.

This is in a matter where Beston Ishindi sued Lusambo in the Small Claims Court for non-payment of four twelve-by-eight picture frames.

Commissioner Joseph Jalasi has entered judgment in default of appearance against Lusambo.

Ishindi has been awarded 18 per cent interest on the money owed to him and a K600 for costs.

“I award interest of the rate of 18 per cent per annum effective date of issue of notice of claim. I award costs in the sum of K600,”ordered Commissioner Jalasi.

Allegations are that during the wedding ceremony of the young sister to Lusambo’s wife, the couple asked Ishindi to capture them.

The complainant claimed that Lusambo’s wife paid for the small pictures, while the former minister got four big pictures which were going at K500 and asked him to go to his office during working days to collect his money.

Ishindi alleged that when he went to Lusambo’s office the latter refused to pay him for his services and resorted to storytelling on several occasions forcing him to take the matter to court.

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