KANGANJA IS BIASED…he seems to be salivating for Kamba’s position in PF – Kalaba

HARRY Kalaba says Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja must stop masking his love for the PF in a Zambia Police uniform.

Kalaba, the Democratic Party (DP) president, also says Zambian diplomats who have come back into the country to help an “outgoing” Edgar Lungu to campaign have come back for good.

In an interview in Livingstone, Kalaba told The Mast that Kanganja is politically biased and goes about admiring to own and wear PF regalia.

“Kakoma Kanganja seems to be salivating for [Lusaka Province PF chairman Kennedy] Kamba’s position in the PF. He admires wearing PF regalia. We can’t have such a politically biased man like Kanganja to be the Inspector General of Police,” Kalaba charged. “Let him resign and join the PF. The earlier he starts wearing that regalia for Kamba, the better for him. He is really salivating to become the Lusaka Province chairman for PF. He should stop hiding his desire to be a PF member in a Zambia Police uniform.”

On Wednesday, Jeyson Chipepo Musonda, a police officer who resigned from the Service, protested against Kanganja, accusing him of being the real PF secretary general.

Further, Kalaba, a former foreign affairs minister, said: “those civil servants who have travelled to come here to support President Lungu, will not go back to collect their goods.”

“They have come here illegally! Once power changes hands, it will be an illegality for them to leave Zambia without authority. They have brought themselves back,” he stressed. “I’m a former foreign affairs minister and I know that it’s wrong for diplomats to engage in partisan affairs. They have clearly shown that they have resigned by coming to help an outgoing President. So, they should be ready to face the full temerity of the law. How their goods will come back to Zambia is their business.”

Kalaba also noted that some permanent secretaries and diplomats think that they should hold their positions in perpetuity.

“When will other junior officers take over from them? Anyway, their (diplomats’) subordinates should begin celebrating because those who have returned to Zambia will not go back to their stations,” he said. “Why should they continue having cocktails at the expense of the Zambian people? If they manage to go back, they will not be going back as ambassadors. [But] they will be going in exile!”

Kalaba pointed out that district commissioners and permanent secretaries who openly and proudly support the PF, “should have learnt from what happened in 2011 to those MMD DCs and permanent secretaries who were involved in the same.”

“All of them who have chosen to support a system that has been very oppressive to the people of Zambia must know that they are going,” emphasised Kalaba.

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