EVERYWHERE PEOPLE WANT CHANGE…people you don’t expect will win, says Chikanta

[By Chambwa Moonga in Dundumwezi]

CHIEF Chikanta of the Tonga people of Kalomo district says Zambians are determined to change the way they are governed.

Meanwhile, Democratic Party (DP) president Harry Kalaba says he chose to launch his campaign trail in Livingstone, Southern Province, to assert the oneness that Zambians speak about.

Chikanta was speaking when Kalaba paid a courtesy call on him at his palace on Thursday morning.

Kalaba flew from Kalomo town to Dundumwezi, and was welcomed at Habulile Primary School ground by scores of excited locals.

In the meeting with Kalaba, Chikanta remarked that: “these days when you stay [as a member of parliament for] 10 years, you have overstayed.”

“People are really running up and down. But this change…. When people say ‘we want change,’ even within PF they want change, within UPND they want change. Everywhere they want change!” he said. “You’ll see even the way people will win as members of parliament, it will be surprising. The people you don’t expect will win. We take [it] for granted that Northern, Muchinga is for PF [and] Southern, North-Western is for UPND. But this time you’ll see a lot of changes everywhere. The electoral cycle will be very interesting.”

The chief continued, saying: “you see, in Eastern Province alone there are 43 independents (aspiring to go to Parliament).”

“Some of them were from PF [and] some of them were from UPND, MMD,” noted Chikanta. “So, you can see the enthusiasm. People are really determined to change. It’s a signal that things…”

Dundumwezi Constituency has six aspirants – in two independents, DP, Socialist Party, UPND and the PF.

On his part, Kalaba explained why he chose to launch his campaign in Southern Province.

“I launched it from Livingstone. The notion, your royal highness, has been that Southern Province is a no-go area, that the people have already decided [who to vote for]. But my interaction with the people of Southern Province has not showed me that,” Kalaba said. “That’s why I said I’m not launching from Kasama, Mansa or Mpika, but from Southern Province. We are one people! I have the confidence that the people of this province will choose a leader not because of where he or she comes from, but their capability to deliver.”

After meeting Chikanta, Kalaba, accompanied by Dundumwezi DP parliamentary candidate, Gloria Mapani, addressed over 200 village headmen.

He electioneered to the traditional leaders, telling them that voting for the DP meant siding with real development.

Kalaba later flew out of Dundumwezi to Choma, where he staged an attention-grabbing roadshow, passing through Shampande, Zambia compound, among other places within town.
On Wednesday, Kalaba had roadshows in Zimba and Kalomo.

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