Kanganja should reflect on his conduct

AS said, there’s no smoke without fire. All these condemnations, denunciations, Kanganja has brought them on himself. His record will forever be remembered as a remarkable partisan police chief in modern era. How can a top cop in a democratic State be equated to a “real secretary general of the ruling party”? And how will the police command wash away this tag?

Remember, Kanganja was given or put on short leash of six months to restore public confidence in the police! Well, it seems the situation – the police’s image – is getting even deeper in the sewer! We have always warned that it is hard, very arduous, to build a good reputation but it takes a fool, within seconds, to destroy everything that has taken great men centuries to create. This is what has happened to our Police Service.

On Wednesday, a former police officer, Sergeant Jeyson Chipepo Musonda took to the streets to protest against what he sees as intimidation, harassment, suppression of freedom of expression and selective application of the law which he blamed on Kanganja.

Musonda carried a placard which read: “Kakoma Kanganja is the real secretary general for PF. Threats and intimidations are tools used by men. Afraid of reasoning. Stop abuse of police! You are the worst IG ever!”

And his t-shirt had the following inscription: “The real criminal is in the state Bond!! NOT Me!!”

When he was arrested, Musonda continued speaking: “Kanganja nifwe tumulipila. Ne cisote pakweba ati cimukwane, nimpiya shesu alya (We are the ones who pay Kanganja. Even for the cap to fit him, it’s our money he enjoys),” said Musonda. “Kanganja, this is not your country alone. I have come here to see him, bring him out we talk. When you are aggrieved, you are supposed to protest, not the other way round. UPND, DP, all those are Zambians. They must be heard when they say something. We cannot have the IG there misbehaving. This is our country as well.”

It has been coming for Kanganja.

According to the Oxford University Press, “There are a number of expectations concerning what the police should do and how they should do it. There are also a number of sources of these expectations. Legal expectations include the police officer’s use of discretion. Community expectations may result from societal trends and problems. Organisational expectations come from the formal and informal aspects of a police department. Individual expectations are derived from the police officer.

There have been a number of debates about the role of the police in a democratic society. Should the role of the police be more legalistic or more political? Should it be one that is rule-oriented or one that is more responsive and individualised? How do these approaches conform to community expectations? Another of the role debates addresses the issue about whether the police should only fight crime or whether they should also provide social services. Yet another debate is concerned with police work and whether it should be proactive or reactive. Proactive policing is more intrusive in the community. Which is more compatible with democracy? These are issues that concern not only the police but the community as well. [But] Democracies are concerned about the rights and freedoms given to individuals and about the limits to be placed on government’s use of police power. The police may conflict with some of the important characteristics of a democratic society. For this reason, it is said that ‘democracy is always hard on the police’.”

We understand that Kanganja is under extreme pressure to deliver instructions from the PF. We also know that he is a rational human being who can defend the law. It is not good that he should be clothed with the tag of a ‘PF secretary general’. This should worry any normal professional police officer. Yes, Kanganja may use State power to silence people for now but the public eye will always be on him.

Games PF are playing using police are very visible even to the most stupid of human beings.

It is said that you make hay while the sun shines. Kanganja should also redeem his image now, he has no much time left. Meanwhile, we leave him with the words of Steven Magee: “While police officers who blatantly shaft the common people believe that they are God, they are the Devil to those that they wrong.”

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