Catholics should always stand for justice – Fr Seba

KAPIRI Mposhi’s Immaculate Heart of Mary assistant parish priest Obert Chibale Seba has urged Christians to remain prayerful as the country heads towards the August 12 general elections.

Fr Seba has implored the Roman Catholic Christians to always stand for justice.

He observed that the Church has always been playing an important role in ensuring peace and unity prevail in the country during elections.

The clergyman pointed out that without peace and unity, the Catholic Church would find it difficult to achieve its objective of evangelism.

“As we launch this Small Christian Community, I would like to make a clarion call to all of you the Catholic faithful to remain steadfast in prayer as we head towards the general elections,” he said. “I also wish to state that the small Christian communities, which are locally called Chitente play a significant role in enhancing the Catholic Church’s mission of evangelism. This is a platform we use to reach out to the people in communities.” Fr Seba also urged the the Catholic faithful to continue encouraging each other in the Church’s quest to spread God’s gospel with a view of expanding His Kingdom.

Fr Seba was speaking during the launch of the John Paul II Small Christian Community in Kapiri Mposhi’s Eastpark residential area on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Fr Seba has implored Catholics to always stand for justice.

He said pope John Paul II stood for justice for all humanity hence the need for them to follow his footsteps.

Fr Seba further disclosed that John Paul II, whose real names were Carlol Joseph, was the first Catholic Pope to establish and spearhead the Youth Council in the Catholic Church.

Pope John Paul II was a Polish Catholic bishop, who later served as Pope for 26 years. He visited Zambia in 1989.

During his visit to Zambia, the late pontiff commissioned the Pope Square in Lusaka.

He died in 2005. The pontiff was shot five times during his Christian mission.

And speaking at the same event, Kapiri Mposhi Democratic Party parliamentary candidate Stephen Kabwe underscored the need for all Catholic faithful as well as all Christians to love one another.

Kabwe stressed that Pope John Paul II preached peace and unity among mankind; hence the need for “his followers to follow suit.”

He also urged the people that witnessed the launch of the John Paul II Small Christian Community to remain “prayerful and always ask for God’s guidance and the intervention of the Holy Spirit in all that they do.”

Kabwe hosted the launch of the Pope John Paul II Small Christian Community at his residence in Kapiri Mposhi’s Eastpark area.

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