Men’s Network asks govt to ban second-hand underwear

THE Zambia National Men’s Network for Gender and Development (ZNMNGD) has called on government to ban the importation of second-hand underwear for both men and women because they are a health hazard.

National coordinator Nelson Banda said second-hand underwear had the potential to transmit infections such as typhus.

He said they could also be a conduit for sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea and syphilis.

“Zambians should not be subjected to wearing second-hand underwear that have been disposed of in other countries because they deserve decent clothing,” he said. “We call on authorities such as the Lusaka City Council public health department, the ministries of health and commerce, the Zambia Revenue Authority, and the Zambia Bureau of Standards to check the importation of discarded underwear into the country to protect Zambians from contracting these infections.”

Banda said the government should instead make brand new clothes cheaper for everyone to afford.

“While the cost of clothing is expensive for ordinary Zambians, government can help the people by ensuring that such items are readily available and obtained cheaply by the people so that they are not exposed to infections,” said Banda.

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