Chingola Independent candidate promises economic revival

ZAMBIA is likely to record an improved economy with the right representation at national leadership, says Chingola Independent parliamentary candidate Chilekwa Mumba.

And Mumba has pledged to make Chingola an industrialised town that will empower youths and women.

Reflecting on his campaign in the constituency, Mumba said youths were committed and energetic beings that should be given an opportunity to bring out the best.

“As we continued engaging our constituents, we took time to visit structures in Lulamba, Kasompe, Chiwempala and Chimfwembe wards. It was an exciting and busy period that brought us closer and closer to the challenges our people are enduring,” he told The Mast in an interview. “It’s evidently clear that our people’s voice has been ignored or no one is giving them an ear. I listened attentively to their concerns and promise that we are here to change the way things were done. From these interactions, our people have made it clear that a fair share of the national cake has not trickled down to the base. To make the people of Chingola benefit from the economic giant the town is, I have promised to not only speak but diligently act on their behalf.”

Mumba said he was ready to improve lives of the mining town by engaging mining companies.

He promised to ensure opportunities arising from untapped economic potential were opened up to women and the youth.

“Three pillars of our campaign to improve the lives of the people of Chingola focus on creating opportunities for women and young people by engaging mining companies because Chingola is a town where most of the copper is mined and its people must be among the main beneficiaries,” said Mumba. “We are also exploring the potential of agriculture to boost crop production, both for small and large-scale farmers. Our proximity to Kasumbalesa, one of the many entry and exit points to the Democratic Republic of Congo, makes Chingola a haven for cross-border economic activities. Our people should know that with the right representation at National Assembly level, I will not just speak, but demand action so that we demonstrate that Chingola is an anchor of this nation.”

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