‘Edgar’s safer hands’

EDITH Nawakwi says she is sure that the future of Zambia is safer in the hands of President Edgar Lungu. She says the economy will continue developing if Lungu retains power.

“The economy will continue developing if we vote for Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu…I know you called me here to discuss agriculture but agriculture is now about politics. If we make a mistake of voting for those others, they will sell farms to foreigners,” says Nawakwi. “That is why for me this time around I have no illusions about what the future should hold. The future is safer in the hands of none other than the current President Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Pa 12 August bane namicinkula mwema farmers banandi, fwaleni ifitenge, fwaleni amajombo mwinenuka, tiyeni tutwalilile nokutila ati ubunonshi bwesu bwayamba ukumoneka. Bambi bakaleka ukumipela fertiliser nga baisapo. (I urge all farmers to vote for Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu because our economy has started developing. These others will even stop giving you fertiliser once you vote them in.”

It’s understandable why Edith, who has since issued a proclamation in support of PF and Edgar, is showering praise for this government. If she were to issue a negative verbose against the PF, everyone would question her state of mind. Edith has hired herself as chief PF campaigner. And she must be respected for coming out openly to state that she will vote for Edgar and the PF on August 12.

However, to claim that Zambia’s future will be safer in Edgar’s hands is not only shocking but alarming. But it’s her opinion, anyway. As they say, the mind is like a bag, everyone carries their own.

But it’ll be very hard to convince Zambians to reelect the PF given its atrocious governance record. All socio-economic indicators are in negative.

Zambia’s economy is haggard because of Edgar and his PF’s poor governance – maladministration. This regime has rendered our economy a near sinking Titanic! We are highly indebted because of the PF’s reckless borrowing. And from the Eurobonds we obtained, which we are already defaulting on, all there’s to show are government boondoggle!

Corruption and patronage are the order of the day under this regime. And Zambians have lived a huge lie under this PF – they were promised lower taxes, more money in their pockets, cheap fuel including exporting goats to Saudi Arabia! The opposite is what is obtaining today. This is the PF plain record. That’s what they have built for the country – economic ruin, disunity and hate! And poverty is a hallmark of this corrupt regime – a regime that has poisoned everything on its way!

If Nawakwi has been promised something by Edgar, we wish her good luck! Otherwise, everything points to her slipping into the country’s political dustbin along with PF.

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