PEP urges PF to treat opposition fairly

THE Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) says it is disappointed with the conduct of PF and police towards UPND and its leader Hakainde Hichilema on Sunday.

In a statement, PeP leader Sean Tembo said the action constituted double standards.

He said the PF were able to do their roadshow campaigns in all parts of the country without let or hindrance.

On Sunday, police in Chingola stopped and tear gassed the UPND leader’s convoy as it went to attend church service.

“As Patriots for Economic Progress we however do not believe the claims by the UPND leader that there was an assassination attempt on his life in Chingola. Based on the photographs that were shared which showed nominal damage to the vehicle that Mr Hichilema was said to have been travelling in at the time, it is evident to any reasonable observer that such nominal damage could not have been caused by a bullet, whether small or high calibre,” he said.

Tembo also advised his fellow political leaders especially in the opposition to show responsibility and desist from issuing alarming statements.

He said anyone aspiring to lead the country should have a high moral standing and integrity and should not peddle lies and innuendoes in order to gain cheap political mileage through unwarranted public sympathy.

“As Patriots for Economic Progress we wish to take this opportunity to issue two pieces of advice. One to the PF and another to the UPND. To the PF and its government, we say stop the ongoing intimidation of the opposition. You cannot say that campaigns should be by roadshows and door-to-door and then when the opposition do exactly that then you send the police to stop them,” Tembo said. “Such kangaroo behaviour will not be accepted by any reasonable Zambian.”

He advised the UPND to stop relying on public sympathy as their main campaign tool but take “this opportunity to tell Zambians what they will do for them sector by sector.

“As we head towards the 12th August general elections, it is our hope and wishes that all players will exercise maturity and restraint and allow peace and tranquility to prevail. The Zambian people should be allowed a fair opportunity to choose who should lead them after 12th August,” said Tembo.

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