2 ex-UPND members react angrily to attacks that they joined PF due to poverty and hunger

TWO former UPND members who defected to PF recently on Friday reacted angrily to attacks by some Chipata residents who charged that they were forced to defect because of poverty and hunger.

Former UPND Eastern Province publicity secretary Victor Mbuzi and former Zambia’s diplomat to Angola Mung’omba Ngoma and many other UPND members defected to PF.

Responding to callers who attacked him and his colleague during Breeze FM’s political hour programme on Tuesday, Mbuzi wished those who accused him of being hungry well.

“I don’t get bitter with what someone is saying. The issue is that if I mention the property and the farms that I have, it has no meaning to the people of Zambia. What you should know is that we cannot let this country go into the hands of people who only know how to destroy because others are promising that they are going to sell the Presidential jet once they win elections. They are just promising to sell this and that after winning because they are used to selling things,” he said.

Mbuzi dispelled accusation that he was a mushanina bwali (dances for food) saying he was a farmer.

He said they were not misleading people because the Zambian constitution allowed every person to join a party of theirchoice.
Mbuzi said he had joined the PF, a big family which also knows how to take care of people.
He said he feels at home in PF because even if he does not hold any position he was allowed to talk to the people.
When asked whether there was anything nice that he could say about UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema, Mbuzi said every person has got a good side and bad side.
“Munthu aliyense anapabwino ndipoipa, HH nimunthu wabwino nalekeza pomwepo (Every person has got a good side and bad side, HH is a good person, I end here),” he said.
And Ngoma said it was unfortunate that some people were accusing them of being hungry.
“Those of you who are saying we defected because of poverty, njala(hunger), it is very unfortunate. I can even challenge you, come and see where I stay. Those who are talking about poverty na njala, come and see where I live, come and count how many houses in my yard are on rent. I challenging you today to come and see how many houses are in my yard. Some of you, you are talking about things that you do not know. You don’t know of the private assets that some of us have and own, you just see us on the street, probably that one who said we are hungry is the one who is hungry,” he said.
Ngoma said him, Mbuzi, Nedson Undi and Charles Nyoka were expelled from UPND which prompted them to join PF.
He said the economic crisis that had hit the country was as a result of the COVID-19.
Ngoma said the world economy had been hampered by the pandemic.
Other callers commended the two for joining PF while others said they had no value in politics.
Isaac Zulu from Nabvutika said Mbuzi had misled people when he was in UPND.
Zulu said Mbuzi accused PF of engaging in corruption and said all sorts of things about PF and that it is difficult for people believe him now.

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