Don’t be deceived with PF handouts – Miti

KAPOCHE Constituency UPND candidate Steven Miti has advised people of Kapoche never to be deceived with handouts from the Patriotic Front which has failed them for some years.

In an interview, Miti said PF has been in power for some time now but has not delivered according to people’s expectations.

He mentioned issues like absence of electricity in chief Kathumba’s area, poor water and sanitation in the constituency, bad road network and shortage of drugs in various clinics.

“PF as a party hasn’t helped people of Kapoche. Hence any candidate the party can field won’t carry the day because the system is the same. PF has been in power for a period of time but when we come to development, they haven’t done anything. But as UPND, we want to work to the expectations of the Zambians,” he said.

He urged the people of Kapoche Constituency to use the power in their hands to vote for the leader who would address their problems for the next five years.

Miti cautioned that if they don’t do the correct thing this election, they have to expect suffering for the next five years.

“Don’t be fooled at the last minute. Government gives us an opportunity every after five years for us to choose leaders, so this time around don’t look at the face or status of someone but look at the development aspect. The decision we will make now will give us another five years to see how things will be. We have the power to change things. Currently the power is in our hands. If we mess up this time around then we will suffer for the next five years which won’t be good,” Miti said.

He added people themselves had discovered that the PF government does not mean well for them.

“Zinthu zili bwino because people are ready to go with us. It’s not me to say PF apa simunacite bwino or apa simunasebenze (PF, here you have not done well or here you did not work well) but people themselves tells us how the PF government has failed…” he said.

He claimed that Zambians, including in Kapoche, had made up their minds to go for UPND.

“President HH has a clear vision for this nation. To State the fact, if president Hakainde Hichilema was selfish, he would have abandoned politics long time ago but if we see what he has gone through and persevered then we are certain that he has bright plans and vision for this nation. We have a lot of presidential candidates but we can see that president Hakainde Hichilema has been accepted by the majority Zambians,” Miti said.

However, Miti complained about lacking campaign regalia, which he feared was disadvantaging his efforts.

Kapoche Constituency has about eight candidates namely Luckson Lungu (PF) Grace Phiri of DP, Enock Kaimba of PAC, Whiteson Banda Socialist Party, Miti of UPND, and independent candidates Emmanuel Nkhoma, Dr Eric Mwale, and Jefson Phiri.

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