Forget the false bravery, things are falling apart for PF – Sejani

ACKSON Sejani says things are falling apart for the PF as they continue scheming ahead of the general election.

Sejani, a former local government minister in the Frederick Chiluba administration, adds that every scheme the ruling party had hatched against the UPND has failed as things “begin to unfold”.

“Things are indeed falling apart in PF and the centre can no longer hold as [legendary Nigerian author] Chinua Achebe would put it,” he said. “The hour of reckoning is here for PF and so forget about the false bravery they are trying to put up. Even their propaganda is becoming increasingly discernible, cheap and desperate.”

Sejani said after exhausting all their plans to disadvantage the opposition, the PF have only one thing left in their hands.

“The only tool left in the hands of PF is violence using the equipment they have stockpiled in anticipation of their heavy losses at the polls. So, we must be ready for them in terms of defending our vote,” he said. “Violence remains their only hope because all their schemes are failing or are being swatted. They are failing because PF is now leaking like a sieve in terms of their plans and secrets – even their surrogates are now threatening to spill the beans.”

He outlined some of the schemes the ruling party had devised against the opposition.

Sejani noted that the PF are nevertheless in panic mode.

“Now that the man they have spent the last five years scheming to block him from appearing on the ballot paper has finally filed in, the PF has been thrown into panic mode. Now that the man they have kept under house arrest for five years thereby denying him the opportunity to meet the electorate is finally going to be out, the Patriotic Front’s panic and desperation is palpable,” he said.

Sejani however acknowledged the PF’s strength in schemes, saying they are “a bunch of criminals who knew back in 2016 already that the 2021 elections were not going to be a child’s play”.

“They knew that they had to steal the 2016 elections and sabotage the subsequent petition for them to remain in power. So, they sat down to plan. We can all blame PF for their lack of economic vision but none of us can fault their criminal foresight. It is this criminal vision that has kept them in power this far,” Sejani said. “The PF started planning and preparing for the 2021 elections on multiple fronts. First, they had a plan against their main challenger Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development. This plan was simple, stop him from appearing on the ballot paper by any means!”

He said it was this desire to stop Hichilema from contesting in the election that the PF have never had peace.

Sejani added that the PF were determined to stop Hichilema from being on the ballot paper.

“Thus, all sorts of evil schemes humanly conceivable were hatched against Hakainde Hichilema from treason through market burning, gassing, privatisation to burying weapons at his in-laws’ home,” he noted. “Relatives were abducted and paraded and made to accuse Mr Hichilema of all sorts of things. All this was to find anything and anything at all that would put Mr Hichilema behind bars so that he would not be on the ballot paper. None of this mud thrown at Hakainde Hichilema has stuck on him. If I were PF, I would be worried about this.”

Sejani continues: “The second plan the PF had, which is plan B, is against the general opposition. Just in case Hakainde Hichilema manages to file in or some other opposition rallies national support, the PF felt they needed to prepare. Their usual rigging is on the cards. However, this time round they are not very sure that it will help them out and so they had to think of other things.”

He cites the Coronavirus as one of the many other weapons the ruling party has desperately tried to use in its quest to stop the opposition from campaigning.

“In spite of the fact that this is the official campaign period, the PF has hatched schemes to continue limiting campaign space for the opposition. One of these they have already pronounced it and that is using COVID-19 to restrict opposition campaign activities,” he noted. “PF, in collusion with the Electoral Commission of Zambia, will wreak havoc in opposition campaign activities using this COVID-19. Remember that PF have been campaigning freely, although illegally, since 2016 and in complete disregard of COVID-19. The Electoral Commission of Zambia turned a blind eye to it. How much more unfair and rigged can a process be than we are now witnessing? A process where one side is allowed to have a field day for five years while the other is under lock and key using the public order Act and COVID-19.”

Sejani further said for now the PF can pretend to cooperate with the Electoral Commission of Zambia “because this is their scheme after completing their campaigns”.

He said the PF had also planned to use money in their campaigns.

Sejani said added to the money, the ruling party had schemed to fake defections from the opposition in order to show popularity.

“The other scheme is the use of money. Opposition figures will be targeted for outright buying so that it looks as if the PF are still popular. This must not worry Zambians because it will come to pass and the dust will settle pretty soon,” said Sejani. “The PF will also continue to use arrests and intimidation of opposition figures and candidates. This too will not take them anywhere because the die is cast and the battle lines are clearly drawn. On one side is PF and all law breakers, thieves, and ba mushanina bwali (bootlickers) while on the other side is the opposition and the people of Zambia. Zambia is about to erupt in support of the opposition, notwithstanding the fact that there have been no opposition campaigns.”

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