The boat is still loading – Kamba

KENNEDY Kamba says whoever tells the people that PF will lose is simply hallucinating.

Yesterday, The Mast published a story where the opposition Democratic Party leader Harry Kalaba is quoted as saying the PF’s “episode of lies” is almost expiring.

On Sunday afternoon, Kalaba who was in Luapula Province was welcomed by thousands of supporters at Samfya Primary School ground.

With police on guard, the gathering followed Kalaba around Samfya town, as he conducted the ‘new normal’ roadshow campaign and told them that it was time to change government.

“Time for change has come. We are changing government this year. The DP is coming into government. People are fed up! That’s why you see this massive and impressive crowd here” said Kalaba. “There is this shift from the PF to the DP because people are tired of being lied to. They have been told too many lies by the PF, concerning their plight in their communities. They want a fresh start. As DP, we are honest and we mean well for this country. Theirs (PF) has been an episode of lies to people who believed in them. But this episode is close to expiring.”

Reacting to Kalaba’s sentiments, Kamba, the Lusaka Province PF chairman said, “we want to tell Harry Kalaba that the PF he left is very much intact”.

“The very PF has gone further to transform the lives of people in many rural areas including Samfya and the entire Luapula Province and indeed the whole nation. This is not about Luapula alone, this is happening across the country,” he said yesterday. “So, we wonder what kind of lies Harry Kalaba is talking about. The PF has always been a people’s party and the boat is still loading. It is wishful thinking for anyone in the opposition to stand on the podium and claim that the PF has lost popularity. It’s mere hallucinations.”

Kamba added that the ruling party had delivered development across the country, hence remained popular everywhere.

“We have read systematic headlines in opposition inclined tabloids, putting up illusionary claims that there is wind of change of government in the country, and that the PF will lose the forthcoming general elections,” he said. “The latest illusionary claims about change of government are attributed to Harry Kalaba, former foreign affairs minister and now president of the relatively new political party the Democratic Party. We want to advise these political parties that it is important to face reality in life and the reality in this case is that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is too popular and strong on the ground. The PF is still passionately loved by Zambians and it will bounce back to power.”

He said the PF was too strong to be defeated by the opposition.

Kamba said while “it is not a crime to be ambitious and that dreaming is free, it is however, very important to face reality to avoid depressions and self-deceit”.

“The people in these areas can attest to the fact that President Lungu’s government has delivered in terms of health, education and agriculture. Today Samfya is the new tourist destination because of the pro-poor policies of the PF that have endeavoured to provide the locals with the much-needed empowerment to attract investment and utilising the full potential of lake Bangweulu,” said Kamba. “The tourism activities happening in Samfya and the entire Luapula Province are unprecedented and the people cannot allow anybody to cheat them that they wiĺl do more than the PF. The PF has delivered development. We know that our candidate President Edgar Lungu and Professor Nkandu Luo are loved by the majority Zambians who are the electorates.

There is so much development delivered to warrant a PF victory in the forthcoming elections.”

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