We’ve an opportunity to liberate ourselves – HH

TWACULa pafula under the Patriotic Front government, says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

And Hichilema says the August 12 general election presents an opportunity for Zambians to liberate themselves.

Speaking when he travelled by road from the Copperbelt en-route to Lusaka on Monday afternoon, Hichilema said people had been going through a lot of misery during the Patriotic Front’s regime under the “able leadership of Edgar Lungu”.

The UPND leader, who was in a jovial mood and being escorted by party officials from all districts around Central Province, kept waving and flashing the party symbol at his supporters and sympathisers as his entourage moved along the Great North Road.

Hichilema constantly made remarks that the PF government had messed up the country’s economy hence the need for citizens to change government by voting for his party on August 12.

“Twacula pafula (we have suffered enough) under the Patriotic Front government. And my advice to you is that you need to vote wisely,” he said. “The Zambian people have yet again been presented with an opportunity to liberate themselves during the 12th August general elections. The Zambian citizenry have undergone a lot of misery under this failed leadership of the PF, under Edgar Lungu.”

He urged party officials and ordinary members to remain focused and united ahead of the elections.

Hichilema further stressed the need for party officials to mount vigorous campaigns in the run-up to the elections.

Hichilema reminded Zambians that the PF were scared of losing power to the opposition, hence their decision to always frustrate political opponents from interacting with the people.

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