Headline Matters with Chambwa: Haunted

If the Zambia Police was still with us the living, I would have erected a billboard to advertise my dislike for it. But you don’t do that to the dead. You simply say Rest In Peace – and that’s exactly my message of grief today.
If anything, why would a normal someone hold a grudge against a moribund institution, like Mununshi Bananas of Mwansabombwe and Nakambala Football Club of Mazabuka?

It’s bad enough to be dead. Not death as you know it, nonetheless. But more reprehensible is to die and start haunting innocent lives. Die in peace, unlike unleashing Zombie-like Passion to maim and even kill.
But every situation has exceptions. Others in the police are still living and decent. However, that decency counts for utterly nothing when there are more ghosts than living men and women in the system, or is it in uniform.

As it stands, expect to continue being haunted in this land. Who has a remedy for evil spirits or ghosts?
Certainly, not the chief ghost! At the point where we are, there is a risk of everyone turning into a ghost.

The process of becoming a ghost is gradual. Something like failing to plainly call out bad things as they are, the way I’m failing in this article. I can’t even directly and profusely address the evils of the Zambia Police. Why? MAYBE I’m haunted by fear. I’m not that ashamed to say it. After all, YOU are also haunted by these uniformed ghosts who can’t RIP.

And it shouldn’t be every two-legged character who should end up as a police officer. If anything, do they even demand for a Grade 12 FULL certificate, with a merit in mathematics and English, for instance, for one to be part of the constabulary in this poor Zambia?

We MUST explore various avenues in order to eliminate these ghosts which are haunting the weak. Twalema nobantu! I wonder where a haunted population that desperately yearns for protection of life and property can get such, if an established system turns rogue.

Anyway, that’s what happens when a Service established with good intentions is led by unschooled fellows who can’t tell whether it’s Antonio General or Attorney General, edible or audible, commend or recommend, force or false, police or policy, low, law or raw. All they talk about is bradshed, whatever that is. #Nobloodshed.

I guess the ultimate goal of a haunting ghost is to see the living dead, and join the Ghost Square. Do you feel haunted, dear reader, or you are the one haunting?

Anyway, if incompetent men (I guess women as well) don’t resort to intimidation and chicanery, what else will they be doing? They have to be paid for doing something, good or bad. In this case it’s haunting.

And bullets and spite aside, who can the Zambia Police use if they were invited anywhere for an intellectual debate? And I mean locally!

Before I go, I wrote this article while seated at a vantage point near Samfya Police Station. I thought you should know about that. I would have sat right near that police station’s front desk to type this message of condolences to the Zambia Police. But I can’t; I’m HAUNTED.

Pray for a time when ghosts will be HAUNTING fellow political thugs in known bus stations and public markets, and decent police officers will be HUNTING for advanced criminals, say behind the disappearance of mukula logs. How about that? If you take offence with my difficult-to-understand message, you are HAUNTED.
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