Kalaba promises headmen monthly salary

[By Chambwa Moonga in Nchelenge]

HARRY Kalaba says his government will put all village headmen and women around the country on a monthly salary.

The Democratic Party (DP) presidential candidate has been on a far-reaching campaign trail of Luapula Province, touching all the 15 constituencies.

On Thursday, Kalaba was campaigning in Pambashe Constituency of Kawambwa district and touched Musundu (Chimpili), Musungu, Ntumbo and Chibote areas.

He cautioned villagers against entrusting their vote to anyone whose preoccupation is self-service.

Kalaba told villagers to stop admiring those who become wealthy at their expense.

“You voted for them to go to Parliament and all they have to show for it, after spending years and years in Parliament, is a potbelly and big cars. And you are admiring that! Stop it, because they are who they have become because of your vote,” Kalaba campaigned in Chimpili, in Icibemba.

“Moneni fye nomusebo mwakwata (just look at the road you have!). If anything, this road, dusty as it is, is in this passable condition because of German Cooperation who is running a project here in Chimpili. It’s as though you have no government.”

In Chibote, Kalaba told prospective voters that their vote should be for someone who fully relates to their plight.

“This is not my first time of coming to Chibote and you all know that. I know that you need a secondary school here, a hospital and the road needs to be tarred from the Mushota-Luwingu main road,” Kalaba said. “But these things will not happen unless you vote for Harry Kalaba and my MP for Pambashe, Ezekiel Kayumba. And when you look around villages, you’ll not be impressed to see how our parents, the village headmen, are living. They are forgotten, yet they are part of the governance of this country. When we form government this year, we are saying all village headmen will have a little monthly stipend, even for buying soap. I mean, it’s happening in Ghana and Zambia will not be the first country to do it.”

At Ntumbo, he reiterated his message of the need for rural infrastructure and a monthly salary to village headmen and women.

Later in the evening, Kalaba walked through Kawambwa town market, and had brief chats with some traders and shoppers.

On Friday morning, Kalaba sailed on Mweru to Kilwa island of Nchelenge district.

There, he spoke to a gathering of DP supporters at Chinsamba ground.

“If you continue voting for PF here on the island, they will continue ignoring you. Insambu bapela uwafishe (you only give something better to someone who pesters). But you are quiet here and forsaken, and as far as those who are in charge of distributing wealth are concerned, you are okay,” he said. “But this time around, show them that you are not a push-over people. Go and show your frustration of the PF by voting for the DP. Vote for Chikonde Kainga as your MP for Nchelenge Constituency and see a positive change, in terms of development on this island.”

Kalaba concluded his campaign tour of Luapula Province, where he addressed a crowd at Mununga ground on Friday evening.

At the same event, Kalaba also drummed up support for Freeman Kaputo and Stephen Kombe, the DP’s Chienge parliamentary candidate and council chairperson candidate, respectively.

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