KK to be interred at Embassy Park

THE remains of Dr Kenneth Kaunda will be taken around to all the 10 provinces of the country before being buried on Wednesday July 7, government has announced.

Announcing the decision yesterday, Vice-President Inonge Wina added that Dr Kaunda will be buried at the presidential burial Site (Lusaka’s Embassy Park) at a very private ceremony for family and selected invited
mourners only.

She however said the burial would be broadcast live on various media channels.

“It is the wish of the family of His Excellency Dr Kaunda, that the remains of our Founding Father be taken around to all the 10 provinces of our great country and the government has agreed to respect this wish,” she announced. “The programme for the provincial visits, will commence in Choma, Southern Province on Wednesday 23rd June, 2021 and end in Lusaka Province on Monday 5th July, 2021. The detailed programme for the provincial viewings, which will be conducted in the provincial capitals, shall be issued in due course.”

She said to accord the founding president respect and in compliance with the national COVID-19 protocols, there shall be no physical body viewing.

“However, the entire procession including the church service will be carried live on TV. This arrangement will enable the millions of viewers at home to follow the proceedings and have a closer view of the remains of the late president,” Vice-President Wina added. “The provincial programmes shall include route lining where residents in the provinces shall line designated routes to view the cortege and pay their last respects. However, in order to control anticipated crowds, the military shall manage these provincial programmes to ensure orderliness and compliance to COVID-19 measures.”

Vice President Wina said in each provincial capital, there shall be a short church ceremony conducted by the military, in conjunction with the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) to which Dr Kaunda belonged.

She said the military would also ensure compliance to the guidelines.

“I would like to emphasise that physical attendance to these provincial church services shall be extremely limited and short in nature. Both the route lining and church services shall be broadcast live on television, radio and social media and so members of the public are encouraged to follow the proceedings on the various media platforms in order to avoid mass gatherings,” Vice-President Wina said. “I would like to state, at the outset, that the bereaved family of His Excellency Dr Kaunda and the government are deeply grateful for the outpouring of love and support from not only the Zambian people, but also the international community at large. We are, of course, mourning our founding father during a very difficult time as we continue to battle with the raging COVID-19 pandemic. It is, for this reason that I would like to emphasise the need for each and every one of us to continue, to the greatest extent possible, to comply with COVID-19 regulations as set out by the Ministry of Health.”

She said the full programme would be in three stages namely provincial visits, State funeral, and burial.

Vice-President Wina said the State funeral would be held at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

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