Best way to remember KK is to hate corruption and tribalism, says Moyo

KK’S character cannot be lowered as a flag, so the best way to remember the great son of Africa is to hate corruption and tribalism the way he did, says Joseph Moyo.

Moyo says Dr Kenneth Kaunda did not enrich himself while in office the way present leaders do.

Remembering Dr Kaunda, who died last Thursday in Lusaka aged 97, Moyo, the founder of The African Woman Foundation (TAWF), said tribalists and the corrupt do not deserve to eulogise Dr Kaunda.

“There was no spilling of blood under Dr Kaunda’s leadership all because of contestations and he hated tribalism, corruption, regionalism and ethnicity. We must put all these on the table and hate them the way KK did. That is the best way to remember him, not through eulogy, but character – because his character cannot be lowered the way we have lowered the flags and later raise them after 21 days,” he said. “KK hated tribalism and corruption. He is a man we must be able to remember by creating what I call project KK which will ensure that we all hate tribalism and corruption the way he did. Additionally, the corrupt and tribalists do not deserve to eulogise KK.”

Moyo said Dr Kaunda was a family man who loved his wife very much, which present leaders must emulate.

He added that, “KK led this nation selflessly and did not amass wealth the way present leaders do. Imagine a councillor going into the council without a house, a vehicle or fancy clothes but ending up with more than one house – actually a block of flats, a fleet of vehicles and fancy clothes just a year into the council which pays less than K5,000 in allowances! A president, a minister, getting millions in assets just barely five years [in office]!”

“Dr Kaunda was in office for 27 years but was homeless when he left State House and up to his death. Current leaders are richer than he was, and yet doctors, public workers, retirees and council workers are owed salary arrears, terminal benefits and other funds accrued to them,” Moyo said.

He praised Dr Kaunda for his faith in the local medical staff and health systems despite the many challenges.

“Dr Kaunda would never seek treatment in foreign lands. It’s one of the issues leaders in our country across all political divides must learn. Dr Kaunda was born in Zambia and he has died in our local hospital being attended to by our local medical staff,” said Moyo.

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