Musonda withdraws from Mpulungu race, backs Mbao

MPULUNGU Constituency DP candidate Gilbert Musonda has withdrawn his bid for the race to Manda Hill.

Musonda, who is originally a National Democratic Congress affiliate, opted to stand on the Democratic Party ticket following the confusion that rocked his party after former leader Chishimba Kambawili was expelled due to his association with the PF.

Addressing the press at Four Pillars Lodge in Lusaka, Musonda who was left in limbo after Kambwili dumped the NDC faction to rejoin the PF, discussed how he had finally decided to redirect his political journey.

Musonda is one of the many NDC followers that Kambwili misled that they would stand on the party’s ticket, only to hear of his ‘going back home’ via social media.

Musonda said he would now support the UPND Alliance candidate Leonard Mbao, as well as the Josephs Akafumba-led NDC.

“I, Gilbert Bwali Musonda, today 22nd June, 2021 hereby announce my withdrawal of my parliament candidature for the Mpulungu seat. As you may be aware, I have been a member of the National Democratic Congress but owing to the confusion that our dear party experienced, I was forced to stand as Mpulungu MP on the Democratic Party ticket,” he said.

Musonda said he had been a member of the NDC until he joined the DP headed by Harry Kalaba and was adopted to stand in Mpulungu.

“I was the NDC member of the central committee and deputy national chairman but because of what I alluded to earlier, I was one of the many members of the NDC who were misdirected to join forces with our former leader honourable Chishimba Kambwili. My joining brother Harry Kalaba was as a result of failure by honourable Kambwili to fulfil his promise to have all aspirants stand on the NDC ticket,” he explained. “We all know where honourable Kambwili is now – it’s an open secret. Without shame he decided to dine with the devil [PF] he used to admonish not long ago.”

Musonda said after the departure of Kambwili, he refused to be part of the NDC led by Saboi Imboela because she is “politically raw”.

He said he strongly feels that the party would have been accorded a chance to be led by a “true politician”, which Imboela is not.

“With so much reflection, consultation and counsel, I have decided to rejoin NDC, my party led by senior counsel Josephs Rikki Akafumba. Let me take this opportunity to apologise to my father and leader; Josephs Akafumba. Please find it in your heart to forgive. Having said that, I wish to state that I will channel my energy in supporting the UPND Alliance candidate in Mpulungu, brother and friend Leonard Mbao as well as our president Hakainde Hichilema,” said Musonda. “In conclusion, we all know the hardships Zambians are going through, the hardships on which NDC was founded. The party pledged to give Zambians an alternative. These hardships need a focused driver and a leader to eradicate the suffering of Zambians. Together we stand. I thank you all and remember to vote wisely. Vote HH.”

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