Everything is possible with God, says Mpezeni

PARAMOUNT Chief Mpezeni has donated over 40 mattresses, beds and crutches to Mwami Adventist Hospital.

And Mwami Adventist Hospital administrator Peter Tembo says it is rare and unique for a traditional leader to make a donation.

Speaking when he presented the donation, Mpezeni urged the hospital not to thank him but God who made it possible for him to donate.

“Everything is possible with God. I requested prophet Philip who is based in South Africa to help me with these things so that I can bring them here. So he is the one who gave me these items. I decided to bring these things here before going anywhere,” he said.

Mpezeni pledged to help lobby for more support from well-wishers.

“The door can only be opened when you knock but it is difficult for people to open the door when you don’t knock. So, I have seen the situation and I am promising that I will help you in lobbying for support. If you eat well, it does not mean that all the people eat well,” he said.

Mpezeni noted that compared to other health facilities, the hospital lacked machinery.

And Tembo expressed the hospital’s gratitude to the paramount chief for the gesture.

“What has happened here today is quite unique and rare at the same time. We do realise the fact that we are only used to seeing donations coming from politicians but now, things have changed. We are now seeing our paramount chief donating various hospital equipment. We are grateful to the paramount chief and we’re humbled with this good gesture,” he said.

Tembo said the hospital faces numerous challenges.

“From the time the hospital opened, a lot of people have been helping it so that it grows. Now even traditional leaders, as you can all attest, are coming in to assist,” he said. “Most of the people who seek health services here are those led by the paramount chief. I appeal to the paramount chief to also help in lobbying for support from other well-wishers.”

Tembo said while outsiders come in to help the facility, local people should also do something to help the hospital.

“What our paramount chief has done should be a lesson to us. When you leave this place, you should always remember that this place needs help. This hospital is supposed to expand, there are a lot of things that are needed here,” said Tembo. “We have a challenge of drugs. We use the little money to buy drugs. When there is power problem, we need back up power – when we experience load-shedding.”

The hospital also presented the traditional leader with a certificate of appreciation for the gesture.

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