Njobvu urges next govt to revisit lost values

UPND Alliance Kasenengwa district council chairperson candidate Nephas Njobvu says the new government should revisit the country’s lost values.

Featuring on Breeze FM’s political hour programme, Njobvu said Zambia has lost values such as that of respecting elders and avoiding violence.

“These days, we take things like independence very lightly. So I appeal, in advance, that the next government should be able to revisit the lost values. We have the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs which is supposed to inculcate values but these values are one sided,” he said. “If it’s the opposition that have done something that they perceive to be wrong, that’s when the minister will come in and condemn. But if it’s the PF cadres, the minister will be quiet. You can’t inculcate values like that. You have to be impartial and you have to be resolute.”

Njobvu said leadership was not an easy thing because it calls for boldness.

“During KK’s time, when you hear the national anthem and Dr Kaunda is about to address the nation, the whole nation will come to a standstill,” he said. “This time when the President is addressing the nation, people just continue with their business as usual because we have lost our values. Dr Kaunda inculcated values in us, but it’s like the country has drifted apart.”

Njobvu urged Zambians to learn to respect elders even in politics.

“We learnt a lot of values during KK’s time but this time around values have been completely lost. Treat every old person as your parent because they represent your parents. But the situation has completely changed and this is the reason why even our politics have been destroyed. This time, you will find children insulting elders in the name of politics. But politics is not all about insulting people,” he said.

Njobvu said elders should be treated as elders even in politics.

“Even us in UPND alliance, we tell people all the time that we should not be violent and we should not be insulting. When we disagree with anyone, we have to be polite and this is the freedom that KK left us with. We should also love our country,” he said.

And UPND Alliance Chipata Central parliamentary candidate Reuben Mtolo pledged to continue with empowerment programmes once he is voted into office.

He said he feels bad to see that most of the projects which he started have remained incomplete.

“I am telling the people of Chipata that your reliable servant who loves you, your servant who wants development and your servant who is trusted, has come again and is asking for your vote. I was MP before and you saw what I did,” he said.

Mtolo’s campaign manager Jacob Mwanza, who is also Eastern Province MDC chairperson, said the people of Chipata Central should vote Mtolo because he was a reliable candidate.

Mtolo served as Chipata Central member of parliament from 2011 to 2016.

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