When party officials break the law, look at them as criminals – Mwale

EASTERN Province PF presidential campaign coordinator Vincent Mwale says if any party official breaks the law, they should be treated as offenders.

Responding to a caller from Sinda who expressed concern over the attitude of some PF cadres when he featured on Breeze FM’s political hour programme on Sunday, Mwale said those who break the law should be dealt with accordingly.

“It is unfortunate that some cadres misbehave and lose respect for the police. But I can tell you that we have got a lot of PF party officials who have gone to jail for breaking the law. So don’t think the President allows people to go and misbehave to the police or grabbing land from people,” he said. “When you hear that a PF party official is grabbing land, report them to the police. And the President said, ‘those who break the law should not be treated in a special way’. They are not at that point seen as a member of a political party, they are seen as criminals at that point.”

Mwale said if party officials go against the law, they should not be looked at as PF or UPND.

“When they break the law, look at them as criminals and the law is going to face them just like anyone else,” he said.

Earlier, a caller, who only identified himself as Charles, wondered whether PF cadres had more powers than police officers.

“I just want to ask Mr Mwale one question. I am shocked that a cadre seems to be more powerful than a police officer from government. Who should we respect more between a cadre and a police officer? A police officer is trained but we are wondering why the cadres are behaving as if they have more powers than officers,” he said.

Another caller who only identified himself as Phiri from Kasenengwa said the opposition were not telling the people whether they would maintain the new districts or not.

He said it was possible that those in opposition, if they win elections, could dismantle the new districts and make more people unemployed.

Phiri said Zambians were safer with the PF than any other party.

And Mwale said President Edgar Lungu had a heart for the poor.

“I can tell you that President Lungu has got a heart for the poor, has got a heart for every Zambian. If it was something within his control, I can tell you that the prices of everything would have come down,” he said. “He is even trying, on cement for example, he had to intervene and went to talk to companies that deal in cement to try and bring down the prices.”

Mwale said he was confident that the people of Eastern Province would vote for President Lungu and all the PF candidates in the forthcoming elections.

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