Bishop Lungu calls for review of religious activities in Chipata Diocese

CHIPATA Diocese Bishop George Lungu says there is need to review religious activities and regulate them to conform with COVID-19 preventive guidelines.

In his latest correspondence to the clergy, religious men and women, and the laity which was also copied to the Apostolic Nuncio, Bishop Lungu described the COVID-19 in the diocese which is made up of the entire Eastern Province as serious.

He noted that the province has been recording high COVID-19 cases going by the Ministry of Health updates.

“The third wave of COVID-19 is with us and its capacity not only to disrupt our normal life but also to destroy life is slowly being felt in our immediate families, communities and the province. We have already lost many lives within and outside Church circles. May I hasten to offer my personal and sincere condolences to you all who have lost your beloved ones due to
the COVID-19 pandemic,” he stated. “Be assured of my closeness to you in prayer offered for the salvation of all our departed brothers and sisters and the consolation of all the bereaved during this moment of pain and painful loss. In case some of us have not been following recent updates regarding the COVID-19 infections and resultant fatalities, Eastern Province has been recording the highest positivity records in infections in the whole country.”

Bishop Lungu stated that the highest positivity rate that the province is recording shows that the risk of getting infected and infecting others is the highest in the country adding that it would be naive to pretend that all is well.

“Certainly, the situation is very serious. As such, we need to review our own religious activities and regulate them in response to the prevailing situation and in a bid to comply with the guidance we have received from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs,” he stated. “In the light of the above, I wish to reiterate, my brothers and sisters in Christ, the fact that our mission is to promote life after the
example of our Lord Jesus Christ who clearly indicated to his audience that, laws in religion have to save and promote life and not to destroy it. Our Lord pointedly asked: ‘Which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill? (Mk 3:4)’.”

Bishop Lungu reminded people to strictly adhere to the preventive guidelines in a bid
to try and manage the current and deadly wave of COVID-19 pandemic

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