I can’t be bought and no one can buy me, says Zindaba Soko

CHIPATA Central Constituency Independent candidate Zindaba Soko has refuted claims that he has been paid off by the PF so that he does not contest the elections.

Addressing journalists in Chipata on Tuesday, Soko said no one could buy him.

“Various political parties have been propagating lies and slander. As you are aware, I am standing as an Independent here in Chipata Central,” he said. “Lomba banthu beve kaili oona kuti kwatukuya uku seo kuliye zabwino tulunza, lomba baona neo siniliko apa bonama wenye kuti a Zindaba Soko ebalipila ndalama kuti osati aimilile (Now these same people, because they have seen that where we are going there is nothing good; they are losing. Now they have seen that I am not there and they have started spreading lies that I have been bought by the PF so that I don’t stand).”

Soko said he already started his campaigns in the constituency.

“The people of Chipata Central are the ones that called me. They said the way I worked in government I should also work together with them and there is no way I can cheapen myself (so as to be bought) so that we stop looking at the future of Chipata Central,” Soko added. “I am on the ground with my people but we can’t be everywhere, mass gatherings were stopped in accordance with Covid guidelines.”

Soko said those that were peddling lies about him had no message to the people.

“They have no message to the people of Chipata. When they meet, they just talk about Zindaba Soko because they know that we are getting this seat together with the people of Chipata so that we take development forward. The people should know that I can’t be bought and no one can buy me because my target are the people of Chipata Central,” he said.

Soko said he was temporarily away from campaigns because he was attending to his sick relatives.

He expressed confidence that he would scoop the seat because of the massive support he was enjoying in the constituency.

Ten people are contesting the Chipata Central seat.

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